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Second Third Video World. “Regen” - Featuring Mayor Wertz. Get on this level of sexy. By “this level”, I mean the floor. Get on the floor with me.

Gas Powered EP

Inspired by the web cartoon "Bravest Warriors" and the TV show “Adventure Time” created by Pendleton Ward on Cartoon Hangover, Kubbi and Jonas Dam decided that it was time for another collaboration. Sharing much of the same musical interests and passion for producing while also being roommates, this collaboration was inevitable. This 4 Track EP of original music is a dedication to everyone at Cartoon Hangover, Pendleton Ward and all other fans of their work.

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PSY Featuring Snoop Dogg in “HANGOVER”

Oppa Doggy Style!

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James Kochalka on Being Creative

I’m a cartoonist, musician, video game designeractor… and who knows what else.  I hope you find this useful or interesting.

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Hey Brother! The Bravest Warriors are in an all new music video by Avicii See the full music video by going to Avicii’s VEVO YouTube channel or click the link right here

Okay Warriors, it’s really important that all the Avicii fans know what Bravest Warriors is and where to watch it on CartoonHangover. Sound off in the comments and please reblog and share this post to help spread the word!


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AVICII gets animated with our Cartoon Hangover series Bravest Warriors in a new music video for the recent re-mix of DJ/re-mixer/record producer AVICII’s hit song, Hey Brother.

So, how did this collaboration come about? Cartoon Hangover’s Nate Olson explains, “AVICII’s label, Universal Sweden, approached Cartoon Hangover about doing a video for a re-mix of an AVICII song in Cartoon Hangover’s “signature style.” The catch? (There’s always a catch) We’d have just 2 months to pull something together. In our universe what that means is … if we are going to do something we’ll have to re-purpose existing content with maybe a bit of something new. But, Olson says, “AVICII’s team was persistent.” AVICII and his team were into a Bravest Warriors remix and we know what a huge following he has and that the collaboration could bring Cartoon Hangover and Bravest Warriors to a whole new audience.

We selected the Bravest Warriors “Lost Episode” Sugarbellies, basically a non-verbal episode, for the collaboration. Animator/artist Erica Liu created an animated version of AVICII, while Nick “Nicky” Fung got to work on directing and editing the music video. With that we were off and running to beat the clock. Enjoy.

- Gwen