It’s 2am and I took 17 shots of vodka, just trying to forget your name. But the only name I forgot was mine and, drunk or sober, you’re the only thing on my mind.
—  I got drunk on love and this is the hangover
Ancient Hangover Cure Discovered in Greek Texts

Hiding a hangover in ancient Egypt would’ve taken some work. Rather than popping an ibuprofen for a pounding drunken headache, people in Egypt may have worn a leafy necklace.

That’s according to a newly translated and published papyrus written in Greek with the recipe for a “drunken headache” cure. The alcohol victim would have strung together leaves from a shrub called Alexandrian chamaedaphne (Ruscus racemosus L.), possibly wearing the strand around the neck, the text revealed.

Though people in the ancient world believed Alexandrian chamaedaphne could ease a headache, whether the cure really worked, let alone on a drunken headache, is unknown. Read more.

“I would say that breakups are like prolonged hangovers. When you’re in love with someone, it’s like being drunk, since you think it’s the best time in the world and nothing could be better. However, when you breakup, that’s when the hangover hits. You start wishing that you could go back to being drunk again. You stumble around aimlessly and wonder what you did. Everything hurts and you wish the pain would just go away.”

-when trying to explain a breakup to my friend today

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