The phrase that Jaejoong speaks most fluently in Chinese is, “Are your father and mother well?”, this sentence was taught to him by Hankyung. (T/N: He still uses that these days, during JYJ activities. ;A;)
—  Hankyung and Jaejoong

im serious, SL memories are honestly one of nicest

those was really really good times

but most of those “friends” i was hangng out with backstabbed me

sigh… nothing least forever

vermillionspy said:

"I really should watch my tone, huh?" A smirk appears on her lips. "Half-hearted threats, you say?" A gloved hand disappears in one of her pockets at her hip and she takes out a special rope with a metal hobble and a hook. She puts the hook into a gun and throws a flash grenade. The hobble is around one of Leon´s ankles in no time and before he knows what happened exactly he finds himself hangng down from a street lamp. She pokes his chest with a smile. "Do you prefer whole-hearted threats?"

"Yeah, if you don’t want me telling Wesker about your interesting vocabulary, I’d suggest watching your tongue more closely." Yeah, they were pretty half- What the hell was she doing reaching into her pocket for. She pulled out….rope, a metal hobble, and a hook. Where does she even keep these things? Only she would actually carry these things around. Leon just rolls his eyes when the flash grenade goes off, it was nothing new. And he simply lets her tie him up.


You see, this is why my life is troubled, Ada.” Of course he was teasing and didn’t really mean it, but he was growing a bit tired of her little games. Weren’t they getting a bit too old for this? “Untie me please. Then I won’t tell Wesker.”