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I’m starting to see these hanging planters everywhere at the moment, but they’re mostly in neon colours. Not that I have anything against neon, but it doesn’t really fit in with my decor! I really love these hangers - soft and pastel and pretty. The cups are called ‘bleached bell cups’, dyed with kool aid and the plants are air plants - etsy has a great selection of air plants.

etsyfindoftheday 3 | 9.1.14

vertical succulent garden by succulentwonderland

UGH, succulents … i just can’t get enough. these vertical planter gardens are so gorgeous … i wonder if my job would be cool with me installing one in my office!


The Urban Garden: Hanging Wall Planter 

  • No digging, No bending, No weeding, just easy gardening.
  • Eco-friendly fabric, made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles.
  • Hang on your fence, patio, balcony or any other vertical structure to create a beautiful living wall.
  • Made in the USA, with a 3 year 100% replacement guarantee.
  • Perfect for herbs, vegetables, strawberries or just about any other small to medium size plant. Uses any potting soil, nothing special.


DIY Version on Instructables





Brass Hanging Planter | Nalle’s House

2014 will be for me the year of the hanging planter! I bought myself some rope and tried one of the DIY’s I’ve featured before. It……did not end well. RIP plant. Note to self, make sure your knots are even! But I still like the look of hanging planters and I think this one would be more stable. Plus I am all about bronze right now so this is right up my alley. Perfect with modern interiors, and you can hang it inside or outside. This time I might give it a test before I hang it first though…

etsy find of the day 2 | 4.7.14

black lavender field glass hanging terrarium kit by hammersheels

this hanging garden kit comes with everything you see here — the dome, the succulents, the scrabble letter — but you could even add in your own treasures to really make this terrarium your own.


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your day is filled with loved ones, good food, merriment, Chinese restaurants, and trips to the movie theater. Our Christmas has certainly been great so far. 

I wanted to check in today (yes - taking a brief break from being a couch potato and stuffing my face with Butternut Squash) to show you my newest obsession: these gorgeous Hanging Nests I found on Sprout Home’s website

These beautiful ceramic ‘nests’ can be used as hanging planters, air plant holders, or a small shallow vase for shorter bouquets. I guess you could technically use one for anything - a candle holder, a fancy spittoon, whatever. They come in two colors: the pale aqua pictured above, and simple white. I always love classic white planters because of how they highlight the natural colors and textures of the plants inside of them, but I am in love with this pale blue green. It’s so peaceful and sweet. 

There are SO many new and creative planters on the market these days. I want them all! Nests, hammocks, cradles, orbs, pods, shmods. There are so many awesome and quirky ways to integrate plants into our homes. I’m starting to think heaven might be an empty room with extra ceiling studs. -Kayt

Tutorial: Hanging Planter Earrings


I have been seeing hanging plants everywhere these days - both on the internet and off. They can be clean & simple, geometric, or neon but my personal favourite are the bohemian types made from thick ropes.

I would love to hang a few in my home but I don’t have a green thumb… at all. I have probably killed more plants than I care to admit, and therefore I decided to make a pair of planter earrings that don’t need any sunlight or watering and just the occasional dusting.

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