Feariess’ 10 Days to 1989 Challenge

4 Days to Go: Your Favourite lyrics from Fearless

Again, went for handwriting the lyrics. Fearless has so many amazing songs and I wrote out at least one lyric from each song ever released on Fearless (Because I could’ve left the platinum edition songs out but they are so amazing as well (Like Superstar and Come in With the Rain and gosh they’re all just awesome)).  Some songs again, are just like, every lyric is so perfect that I kinda had to hold back. Tried to stick to a maximum of one verse one chorus and a bridge or two verses and a bridge… Fearless has such amazing imagery. Like, not only does Taylor describe the emotions and thoughts she is having so beautifully, she makes the most average experiences seem magical. She makes sitting on a bench seem amazing, and slippery pavement ethereal. And like with anything she puts out she just pours herself into every song. I just love this album beyond words.