Day 26 | #YogaSchooled | #HandstandTuck

This is still a work in progress! But i’m getting better 😊
And i tried yoga at a new side of the room haha don’t you love paintings?

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Day 192 for me & day 17 for the #invertyoselfmay challenge with @dms_yoga @dimaharani @goplantyourself & @yoga_davina Today is #AdhoMukhaVrksasana Handstand Tuck! #yoga #yogi #yogagirl #yogapose #stretch #yogaeverydamnday #yogisofinstagram #extend #reach #om #balance #calm #focus #namaste #malas #core #inversions #upsidedown #invert #handstandtuck πŸ™

I somehow forgot to upload this last night. Day 9 of This was tough! Gotta practice those donkey kicks more. I managed to get it one time out of like 500 tries haha. But it’s still progress! @goplantyourself @yoga_davina @dms_yoga @dimaharani @yogapaws @raywear5 @yogaonehouston @magiccarpetyogamats from
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Day 14 | #ZuviBootyUp | #HandstandTuck with arched back

I actually almost always do it this way so that i can balance haha so nothing new here 😜 it’s balancing with a straight back that is torture!!

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Day 14 for #YOGAngsters w/@masumi_g @laurasykora @gypsetgoddess @thetattooedyogi @spiritualgangster #ardhomukhavrksasana #handstandtuck and while I’m at it, #30handstanddays w/@deemoi
#spreadtheyogalove I chose to #playwithdee today and accepting where I am. Handstands w/both legs together is not a strength of mine. But I did my best and surprised myself! I actually got up and held this for 2 seconds. It wasn’t graceful or floaty but you gotta start somewhere, right? πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸ’‹πŸ’•

Day 24 | #teekibottomsup | Handstand Tuck

So excited for handstand week!! Because of how little time i had i was so determined to jump into a tuck and hold it on the first try and guess what!!?!?! I didn’t do it haha!
It took me 3 tried but i got there eventually 😊


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- it’s snowed in the area so some people, including my babysitter didn’t want to drive. My hubby is an electrician and worked all weekend - I had to teach this am but luckily at a studio that provided me a last minute sitter! Long story short, the little head to my left is my 4 year old getting into his for today’s. I wish more of him was in the frame because I’m so proud my son is a natural in a yoga studio. @beachyogagirl @laurasykora @kinoyoga leggings by @liquidoactive
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