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you are a good artist. i like your work and I get that you dont think you are, no artist thinks they are any good. but I think your stuff is great. :)

"Good" is something I accept. I dunno— like. I follow so many artists on Tumblr and I look up to them and I just can’t imagine people looking up to me when there are such better people out there!!!

I really have come a long way though. Like. I AM DRAWING FACES FROM THE SIDE NOW? I never used to do that.


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so if your friend does not like your character being gay then he is being a butt and you should tell him that he is being a butt

I don’t think it makes him a butt. I know many people who are, indeed, butts but he isn’t one. I understand that homosexuality is something that makes people uncomfortable— and a lot of it is due to misinformation and the lovely media. I just really don’t wanna overstep some kinda line because this friend is kinda important to me.

And I am probably just being a stupid worrywart. unu