European Starling (juvenile) ~ Star (Jungvogel) ~ Sturnus vulgaris

Finally I have managed to write two small informative (and hopefully helpful) “articles” about the EMERGENCY HANDLING OF BABY WILD BIRDS and about the FEEDING OF WILD BIRDS ~ check them out! :-) Edit: The links don’t work with the app … 

Above you can see two baby Starlings I helped handraising in 2014, feather dust included. :-) Starlings look very unlike their parents and are often confused with young European Blackbirds. Their diet luckily is almost identical.

These two guys were “coughing” because they had a Cytodites nudus infection (an air sac parasite). I took them to the bird vet who treated them and kept them in her bird rehab center where they were eventually released.

2015 © Jesse Alveo ~ All rights reserved

Black Redstart ~ Hausrotschwanz ~ Phoenicurus ochruros

Here you can see the whole small flock of young redstarts, hand-raised and released this year. Cuddling was their #1 activity throughout their stay. :-D

2013 © Jesse Alveo

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Poor Glider Information Warning!

A new Facebook group has emerged called “sugar glider fanatics no drama" and this is definitely a group to stay away from.

One admin in charge of the group is on a buyer beware page for buying a pet only specialty glider and then breeding her and trying to get people to fake her offspring’s lineage.

Another admin in charge of the page is promoting everything Pocket Pets such as pellet diets, Wodent wheels, etc.

And two admins are breeders with very unethical and dangerous practices. They are separating joeys from their parents at 3 weeks OOP and hand raising for absolutely no reason. We, as glider owners, should be giving our joeys the best of everything and the best possible chance to THRIVE. Pulling joeys this early also means they aren’t learning vital skills from their parents. They also charge $50 a week to handraise these joeys from 3 weeks oop to the time they are weaned if the new owners do not take them home and hand raise themselves. 

These breeders are known as Panhandle Exotics out of Pensacola Florida. I have a previous post warning against them.

Please try to keep yourselves and new owners away from this page and these breeders.

84 years later

machiavellias replied to your post “cool things my informational interview went really well!! and the…”

Ahh that’s a common thing I’ve run into @ handraised & afraid of skin! They can get over it if the staff are approaching it correctly to teach her it’s ok. BUT BIRDS!!!! and conures!!!!

(also I’m happy to hear wally is doing better! <3)

the staff seemed to have no idea what’s going on and i’ve never heard of it before?? do you know why it happens? (my dad was like “did you get ur bird fix for the day” me: yes)

also wally says hi [wally voice] hello lil