"I’ve never had a Valentine before." Reid looks down at the completely childish card in his hands, covered in glitter. The glitter is falling all over his slacks and there’s already some flecks around his eyes since he’s rubbed his face. Morgan’s made it so that when he opens the card, an insanely large heart pops out that says ‘I love you.’

"Seems like I’ve been your first for a lot of things." Morgan loves the look Reid has on his face, a dorky lovesick smile. He’s proud that he was the one that put it there.

"Awww, my beautiful chocolate god got boy wonder a handmade card for Valentines day?" Everyone is cooing and smiling at them from the otherside of the table, vocalizing it when Morgan presses a kiss to the top of Reid’s head.

"Alright, let’s get started." Hotch appears and squeezes Garcia’s arm gently before seating himself. "Nice card, Reid. Don’t get glitter everywhere."

"Too late," Reid mumbles. He’s biting his lip and trying his best not to smile, and he doesn’t snap out of it until Rossi throws a crumpled piece of paper at his forehead.


"God, you’re so beautiful." Reid lets Morgan pull him in by his belt loops and he wraps his arms around his boyfriend’s neck.

"I love it when you say that to me." Reid noses into Morgan’s neck, pressing a soft kiss there.

"I know you do, gorgeous." Morgan presses his hands against Reid’s lower back and laughs a little when he feels Reid’s tongue on his neck.

"Dinner was delicious. Thank you."

"You’re welcome. Anything for my boy genius."

"When’s dessert?" Morgan pulls back a bit, confused because they’re already had a slice of red velvet cake, but when he sees the look in Reid’s eyes, he understands.

He kisses Reid, breathing him in, and he almost loses balance because he’s bent them back so far. Reid makes a noise in the back of his throat, slots his thigh between Morgan’s, and kisses him right back.

Morgan loves that.

"Now," he says when he pulls back, breathing heavily. "We’re having dessert right now."

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