Sketchbook V

Bất chợt đi trên đường thấy một khúc vải vừa mắt nên mua về làm sổ, không vì lý do gì, cũng chẳng có ý tưởng nào xảy đến, làm vì thích thôi hihi. Tết rồi, lãng đãng một chút cũng hay.

Sketchbook V

Kích thước 12,5 x 18 cm

200 trang Arcoprint 120gsm

Giá: 240.000 đ



I added a bunch of new bow ties to my etsy store today!

Dapper Dandy Duds is a place for the stylish person to find their favorite tie! I choose unique fabrics that make sophisticated and high quality bow ties. Creating fine neckwear is a passion of mine. Each of these ties are handmade with great care.

I am a queer, trans, non-binary femme boy. I am currently dedicating much of my time to creating bow ties for dapper and/or style oriented people.

So check out these dapper duds HERE, you dashing dandy.


I’m back! And I actually took pictures today like I said I would!!! So here they are all finished, the Rainbow Star Coasters! I want to make some more sets in different colors :] And maybe some other shapes too!

Find them here:
Rainbow Star Coaster Set 

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