Commission for Gabrielle Houle (Mariealbertine) of her character John from her webcomic H&J

I loved drawing this for Gabrielle! I met her work trough the awesome Lily Hoyda (Buttart) and I follow her ever since. Her style is very clever and cool and I do recommend you to check her work and webcomic out. Really good artist and all she’s been to me is a real sweet person. I really enjoyed working on this, I added a Jem-esque bg, kinda had my mind set with the idea from the beginning when Gabrielle asked for Tom Selleck’s Magnum PI styled clothing so I added more 80’s to it haha =P

H&J The Webcomic site (read the comic trough this link)

H&J The Webcomic Tumblr

Gabrielle’s main tumblr is Mariealbertine

Beep beep beep, very important ladies (made by important ladies buttart, blackcreaturefromthelagoon, mariealbertine, and amphiaria) coming through!! And guess what, they are all attached to projects you can go check out, at Bad Reputation, Devilish Dames, H&J, and Riverside Extras, respectively!

(Now that I’m feeling progressively better and better, I will have more important ladies for you… soon.)

It occurred to me today that John from H&J and Pablo would have a lot to talk about if they could transgress the boundaries of time and space and genre. Life, women, nice clothes, muscles, being short, questionable fashion choices… facial hair, body hair, doing your hair in the morning, things made out of hair, things that are kind of hair-like…

Anyway, before I knew it I drew this. But you should check out mariealbertine and her comic. They are both cool things.

John Baskerville from H&J comic commission for Gabrielle Houle 

This is in fact amazing because I started following her a while back (thanks to Lily) and I’d no idea Gabrielle was in fact following me back and then she sends me an email for a commission, which is so so flattering and man, I’d to draw John from H&J, a webcomic I actually read xD.So I came out with this idea haha. I love everything about this character he’s so buff, beefy and chubby and 80’s hehe.

H&J The webcomic READ HERE

"I wish you’d let me try something a bit more… mature with your look!”

"Honey, if this outfit gets any more mature, it’s a Playboy centerfold."

I don’t really know what Addy is on about, I think that dress is pretty great. HELVETICA is appearing courtesy of the amazing Gabi, and also courtesy of her comic H&J! Do you like unique stylization, mystery-solving, satisfying construction of character relations, and things titled after type-fonts? Then you ARE IN LOVE WITH H&J and you maybe just don’t know it, yet!

It’s always a pleasure to draw up this woman. Keep up the wonderful work, Gabi, I love seeing new stuff from you!

Another one down!

This one is of - being honest - a character I have often contemplated drawing before, anyway, Officer Caslon of the incredibly wonderful Gabi's webcomic, H&J. It features two private detectives who are also neighbors who also hate each other (or maybe nnnnot as much as they think that they do) AND of course… SOLVING MYSTERIES! It also then has an awesome ensemble cast with some really smart character design goin’ on. It is on my RECOMMENDED READING list!

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Eerste eigen gefilmde en ge-edite video ooit (en eigenlijk alleen omdat ik de enige was die deze avond had gefilmd). Ge-edit met iMovie. - 23 april 2012


Watch on nu.domienverschuuren.nl

Dat was lekker, Groenlo! Dankjewel voor een topfeestje! #handjes @035housemafia (bij City Lido)

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Klamme Handjes TV, gemaakt voor De Klamme Donderdag. Ge-edit met Final Cut Pro X. - 23 april 2013

Ik wil verdomme weer reizen met alleen een kleine rugzak met een tandenborstel en een kleine tube tandpasta. Ik wil ‘s ochtends wakker worden naast anderen onder de lakens van de krakende bedden in hostels, wat muntjes uit mijn kluisje graaien en dan een zak peren kopen bij de lokale groenteboer om ze ongewassen uit de hand op te eten met het kroos erbij. Ik wil een emmer krijt kopen en samen tekenen op straat en dat het er dan eerst niet uit ziet maar we later steeds meer publiek krijgen en dat jij dan je zonnehoed van je hoofd haalt en dat er steeds meer rinkelende muntjes in vallen en we elkaar glimlachend aan kijken met de zelfde gedachte (misschien kunnen we vanavond wel uit eten). Ik wil wedstrijdjes van wie het snelst kan rennen over oneindig lange bruggen en dat we daarna met klamme handjes en kloppende harten aan de rivier liggen terwijl onze voeten in het water bungelen. 

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"Klamme Handjes Fishuals". Visuals voor Klamme Handjes bij ‘Wie is AAN - nachtleven editie’ in De Verdieping (Trouw), te Amsterdam op donderdag 9 mei. Gemaakt met Final Cut Pro X. - 7 mei 2013