Photos are doors into the past, a way of preserving time. They can take us back to a time we loved, or loathed. It can remind us of a night that was full of love, energy, happiness; or it can bring us back to a point in our lives where we never wanted to be a part of again.
—  An artist of sorts. handforgedsolitude
I'm in love with everything

I’m in love with you handforgedsolitude

Be love be one with everything

Think pure be pure

Nothing is certain just fucking love and don’t think you’re better then anyone or anything.. What you put out there is in you.. You decide you wanna be love.. Why waste your life with hate and negativity.

47 peace balance prosperity

Eye feel so grateful, lucky, fortunate.

To be alive just able to think and feel this at this very moment.. To be loved for who I am. To love one just as they are breathing. So fragile life is.. Take time to love yourself and love others. Love hard. Nothing is certain. Be here now… What is the alternative? Everything is important but nothing matters. Eye love LIFE and eye love you. handforgedsolitude ♐️❤️😻