Tuesday Is The New Monday

Things I Have Learned Today:

1. Never carry pre-packaged pasta salad with you to lectures. It will leak, and you will then forever have an olive oil stain inside your handbag.

2. European standards for student housing are quite different than at home. Mold is now considered part of your bathroom decor.

3. Despite the fact that I am paying thousands of dollars to further my education, I will still probably only be able to find museum work 2 to 3 days a week; this according to a museum professional who has to have 2 jobs in order to work full time. Encouraging.

4. If you’re having a long/bad day, I do not recommend sitting in bed, (which for me consists of what some call a mattress but what I call plywood) and proceed to eat an entire bag of granola. This will not help, it will just make you feel fat and lonely. Call a friend. Get some wine. Laugh about how you will be jobless, in debt, and have a handbag that smells like olive oil for the next 20 years.