14/  pictures of Luke Evans because there is never enough of Luke on your dashboard (and mine)

One funny thing is, though, I wear my watch on my right hand and I’m actually right-handed. People always wonder why - I don’t know myself, I’ve just always done it that way and I like it the way a good watch fits on my right wrist. 

Sansa sat with her hands in her lap, watching how the queen moved and laughed and tossed her blonde curls. She charms them all, she thought dully. How I hate her. (ASOS)

[Sansa] tossed her hair, took a sip of wine, made him wait.  “How can you forgive someone who is unforgiveably rude?  Will you explain that to me, ser?” (TWOW)

i have killed this website officially

im the official killer of this website. it is dead. i hacked it with my tiny little hands. watch out im going to be the front page of the new york times tomorrow. 

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I did wonder about censorship, but his tattoos were not very well covered up, and he has stickers on his shirt so I also wondered if there was something provocative on his shirt and they just went sticker mad and it's just messing about. On the other hand Music shows are odd, they change their minds a lot of do a lot of give and take e.g. you can do the smutty song but no tattoos. Reading some accounts the music show staff can seem a bit power trippy.

Yeah idk. His tattoos aren’t in any way offensive (and any that could be aren’t visible anyway) so it was either him going sticker happy or just the fact he had tattoos they wanted to cover, which is stupid. Everyone and their grandmother knows he has them. And as I said, none were covered during Crayon era, and there were still a few visible ones even today (his neck and hand). I watched closer and he still had the stickers during Bae Bae too :/