Picture of the Day: Beirut, Lebanon. Protesters burn tires and boxes in a demonstration against the kidnapping by the Syrian rebels of a dozen or more Lebanese Shi’a pilgrims in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Further: Lebanese foreign minister Adnan Mansour has voiced optimism for the pilgrims’ release and indicated that the negotiations were ongoing, but he couldn’t elaborate more. They have been taken captive by Syrian rebels in hopes of leverage in a prisoner exchange for those in Syrian government custody

Credit: Wael Hamzeh/EPA. Via.

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A visit to some of my big family members from Gaza

During my visits to some of my beloved injured people of Gaza at hospital here , where I thought I will be the one making things abit easier on them , by standing by their side , or I can be the one saying a word to give them some strength . It turned out that I was the one who felt stronger and even happier after the visit .

My visit started with the children wing , where I passed by Hamzeh’s room a tiny little kid with a very nice hair :) to find him sleeping :) literally like an angel .

I had to leave him then to go to a 8 Y.O blind cute girl (Shahed) with screws and gypsum on her both legs, who insisted that I should stay and to have chocolates with her (thought that I should be the one bringing candies though !) , then all of a sudden she said an ayah from quran , to leave me in awe , and then told me to give her a tape from the quran tapes she has in the hospital room to let her play it, and silly me , was looking around ,couldn’t find it . till her father came after my desperate attempts , to get a big bag that I didn’t expect it will be full of tapes .she picked one and turned her little tape player on . I was looking at her with mixed emotions . She is just an awesome child .

then she told her dad to show me her pictures when she was dressing nice in Gaza . and let me be honest ,she is a beatiful girl , that the attcks took much of her beauty ,and her blind eyes miss alot to see how much she is adorable. 

She said many nice things like ” Yeay , finally no shooting in Gaza , would you come back there with us ? “

and ” I love the resistance ” . 

and I wanted to give her a big hug when she told her dad : ” Why can’t they let her stay with us ? ” … I felt so special :) . 

Then passed again by Hamzeh’s room ,found him awake this time ,to raise the victory sign with his little hand once he saw the kufeyya on my shoulders . (he is getting better ,will get back to Gaza by this week .We are friends now ) :) 

then i went to the women wing , where many of them can’t hide their worried faces over their families they left behind ,or their tearing eyes that they try hard not to show them . I was overwhelmed with their nice welcome ..

To the guys wing , where I could hear resistance songs out of their rooms ,to draw a smile on my face even before entering any . 

This wing where most of them lost one or many of their parts (Legs , hands ) or some have distorted faces . yet , very strong spirits they have .and can’t tell how much dignity they have .

You can’t enter there just simply , you are visiting real men ,the ones protecting their families, and I was this tiny girl , asking about those heros , iI could see it in their eyes , they find it abnormal , they still find themselves able to do more . and I do believe it .

One of them who lost both of his legs , told me with a big smile that they will be back there ,to go on .

I know my people are strong ,protective ,and will do whatever for the land the cause , but visiting them , strengthened my faith of the non-stop giving ,and that no matter how much we lost , we still can give more with a smile ,with nothing to bring our nice spirits down ..

I just love my people to the max ,and I even can’t tell you how bad …

And I promise I will never fail my homeland and the cause , would walk on their track .

Was honored to meet them,hoping one day we will free the land from the river to the sea,and live together