Picture of the Day: Beirut, Lebanon. Protesters burn tires and boxes in a demonstration against the kidnapping by the Syrian rebels of a dozen or more Lebanese Shi’a pilgrims in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Further: Lebanese foreign minister Adnan Mansour has voiced optimism for the pilgrims’ release and indicated that the negotiations were ongoing, but he couldn’t elaborate more. They have been taken captive by Syrian rebels in hopes of leverage in a prisoner exchange for those in Syrian government custody

Credit: Wael Hamzeh/EPA. Via.

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Not a dream: Take online courses from famous universities for FREE!!!

Not a dream: Take online courses from famous universities for FREE!!!

Will the poor one day have access to high quality education from the most famous universities in the world? A website called “coursera” is a step in this direction.

A colleague of mine, Hamzeh Itum (Thanks a lot :) ), sent me a link to an online English course that covers research basics for medical professionals (See the course description and the link at the end of post). It is taught by…

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