Two neat doodles we put on an old record player were gonna throw offa building I did the TARDIS for a friend who got upset cuz I told him Doctor Who sucks. I only said it to piss him off. We’re good again. IM SORRY WILL. Also a Homestuck thing was put on it. Somebody had to explain that its some guys weapon in it? Whatever, I don’t read Homestuck.

ok it was bad before but seriously

it honestly baffles me how bad the pixelart is in the new playable homestuck sequence. i mean, it was bad in the other ones too, but they at least had a bit of consistency in an earthboundey kind of way. on THE FIRST SCREEN of the new one, we have a player sprite which looks like a first attempt at a scratched sprite by a ten-year old who’s never opened ms paint before, a mediocre, badly coloured background, and the OCCASIONAL super detailed boulder that looks like it came out of an unpolished megaman zero.