White lil' fluff of fluffiness.

As requested, a few pictures of my hamsters + cages. :)

His cage:

  • Size: 50x20x20” (about 120x50x50cm) - (my smallest cage for my smallest hamster)
  • about 10-12” of bedding for tunnels and digging
  • 2 hamster wheels (10”/25cm and 8”/20cm) - (He is really small, about 34g! I would not recommend 8” for bigger dwarfs.)
  • hideouts and stuff to climb made out of wood, stone, ceramic
  • closed chamber house with 4 chambers, no floor 
  • wooden second floor with sand area and wooden litter 
  • sand bath
  • herbal clay block for biting and gnawing for his teeth
  • (not in pictures: fenced run area)


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