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AMAZING: [WS] Rogue Legacy
[WS] Rogue Legacy

(This one’s a relatively short one, informed both by the journal entries you find throughout the game and the game mechanics. If there’s any way this could be added to or improved, or if there are any questions you have, let me know.)

Rogue Legacy (video game): It was the early 8th century (a century or two after King Arthur’s departure, for reference), and the King of England has been wounded by an assassin, and Johannes is sent on a quest into “the cursed woods,” otherwise known as The Lost Woods or The Wood Between the Worlds, to find a cure in Castle Hamson.

Now, before we continue, there are a few things you should know about Castle Hamson: Its gatekeeper, Charon, demands that anyone entering pay with all that they own to enter, as nobody who enters the castle has yet returned. In addition, because the castle is intensely magical, it changes its room layout whenever there are no adventurers in it, making maps fruitless. Most importantly, though, the castle contains lots of gold, and is rumored to contain a cure for anything.

He enters the castle and does not return. His siblings set up camp in front of the castle, and start a family whose quest is to find the cure in Castle Hamson. Generations pass, the king is long dead, and the family never realizes it because they live inside “the cursed woods” and not much gets in or out. Millenia pass, and when a group of magical horses decide to exit Narnia in 1949,A the Wood Between the Worlds is opened, and as a consequence Castle Hamson, and the area surrounding it, becomes magically lost. Undeterred (and clueless to this development), the family goes on to continually explore the castle for a millenia to come.B

[A]: This event is detailed more in the entry for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

[B]: The game continues for as many generations as it takes for you to win, and then even more after that for New Game+, New Game+2, New Game+3, etc.

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