Totally serious and invigorating questions I would ask the cast/characters of the Avengers universe:

Robert Downey Jr.

You know the scene in Iron Man where you are sitting in the giant donut? Did you have to clean the powder out of the cracks of the suit?

Chris Evans

 Were you really in a barbershop quartet?

Mark Ruffalo

In the Avengers, why were your pants destroyed the first time you hulked out but not the second?

Jeremy Renner

On average, how many archery puns a day do you think you make?

Chris Hemsworth

Did you ever accidentally throw the hammer and hit someone in the face?

Tom Hiddleston

Being completely honest, how often did you trip over your cloak?

Sebastian Stan

I heard there was a lot of lube involved in putting on the arm… can you recommend a brand?

Samuel L. Jackson

Did the eye patch leave an indent, like when you wear goggles for too long?

Coulbie Smulders

How many times did you want to say ‘suit up’?

Scarlett Johansson

What the hell happened in Budapest?

Koji Murofushi

(Japanese/Romanian) [Japanese]

Known as: Gold Medal Winning Olympic Hammer Throw Athlete (Won a Bronze Medal in the Men’s Hammer Throw event for Japan at the 2012 London Summer Olympics)

Hammer Throw Awards/Accolades: 2012 London Olympics Bronze Medal, 2004 Athens Olympics Gold Medal, 2011 Gold Medal in the World Championships; 2002 & 1998 Gold Medal in the Asian Games

More Information: Koji Murofushi’s Official Website, Koji Murofushi’s Facebook page, Wall Street Journal: Japan Real Time: 2012 Olympic Profile: Koji Murofushi, London 2012 Olympics: Koji Murofushi, Koji Murofushi’s Wikipedia page

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