Poster for Hamlet, Beggarstaffs (William Nicholson and James Pryde - not brothers, but brothers-in-law), 1894. Their graphic work was with cut paper and stencils, a complete twist on Art Nouveau. This is their first collaboration, they only were together for three years. Spectacularly bad business, had very few clients, produced very little, but all of it in same style. As a way to get business, they tried to do stock-type illustrations that they could imprint later on the poster with a client name. No known original of this poster exists.

So, Friday was my 18th birthday. Everyone that I expected to forget remembered. And then dpyer forgot.
So, what did I do? I volunteered her for a role reading and acting out Hamlet. She was the Play King. The Play Queen ended up being our teacher.
Her cheeks were so red during it and before we left class she whispered, “Happy fuckin birthday.”
Obviously we haven’t finished Hamlet because I know nothing of how revenge ends and I really enjoyed it.
Best birthday present ever.

Although we are deep into rehearsals for The Body of an American, our Hamlet cast has begun combat training for the upcoming production. Zainab Jah, who is playing the title character and is pictured in the center is already a skilled fencer, and her prior training definitely shows.


called back home by the news of the passing of her famous father, hamlet is thrown into the eye of the media and decides to use it to her advantage, hoping a widely publicized break with sanity will force people to see that there was something suspicious about her father’s death; but the repercussions are far greater than she could have imagined

kristen stewart as hamlet
arden cho as horatio 
aja naomi king as ophelia
samira wiley as laertes

(for itchymercutio)