Alexander Hamilton is often credited with being the most far-sighted of the founders, since he, more than anyone else, saw America’s potential to become a manufacturing and commercial powerhouse among the nations.

Not even a man of Hamilton’s vision, however, could have foreseen that he would one day be the subject of a hit stage musical—let alone one set to hip-hop music. Two centuries after his meteoric rise from poverty and obscurity to the highest levels of the founding generation’s leadership class, Hamilton is a star again—this time on Broadway.

What are conservatives to make of Hamilton’s newfound fame?  Some—following Thomas Jefferson, who regarded Hamilton as a subverter of limited government—might be tempted to regret it.

—  From Founding Father to Broadway Star (The Daily Signal)

Megan Hilty’s outgoing voicemail message by Lin-Manuel Miranda


So today I met Darren Criss.
Let me just say: it came out of NOWHERE and I was only ready because I had planned on meeting JGroff, so I already looked super cute (for once).
SO I won the lottery for Hamilton (LITERALLY EVERYONE GO SEE IT) and it’s probably the best, most-impressive, COOLEST musical there ever was or ever will be.
And after that WHOLE THING we walk out and we’re like two people behind this short tiny curly haired DARREN CRISS.
We call his name and he turns around and introduces HIMSELF (yes Darren, we know who you are) and asks us for our names and we ask him how he liked the show and he said he liked it (GOOD) and we ask for a picture but he said no and that was completely fine with us, tbh.
Then we ask if his arm is ok (it’s in a wrist brace!!) and he said it’ll be fine for the show (no worries, guys!!) and we tell him we’re gonna be there opening night and he goes “oh noooo” like he’s NERVOUS or something.
And then he talked to like 2 other people and managed to escape (so proud of him) and he managed to escape after he left backstage with no one seeing him (double proud).
tl;dr: Darren is 147% an angel and he’s way tinier in person than you’d expect and yes his hair is pretty.


“Forty years ago, A Chorus Line reinvented everything. There’s a lot of things we know about A Chorus Line, but let me just focus on one thing. What A Chorus Line did, it said: “Let’s for a moment take the spotlight off the star of the show and let’s turn the spotlight on the people who are making the show work. Who actually build it, who devote their lives —let’s not just turn the spotlight on them, let’s actually ask them their story. Let’s find out who they are, let's find out how they got here and let’s say, “You know what? That’s the real show.” And they did that and they changed the nature of the American musical theatre. And Hamilton is doing it in a little bit of a different way, but it’s saying the same thing. It’s taking the story of the founding of this country and saying, “Guess what? Let’s tell the story of the founding of this country by the people who actually make up this country, who are this country, who are the strength who build this country and who are this country’s future.” And these two musicals together, what better thing could represent what The Public Theater tries to do? We try to do it everyday and every 40 years we hit it out of the park.”  — The cast of Hamilton pays tribute to A Chorus Line