lately, i’ve been a little annoyed with Doctor Who.  Capaldi doesn’t act like the doctor.  He acts like he doesn’t even know who that is.  but I just realized that’s probably the whole point.  he doesn’t know, and Clara’s teaching him.  and maybe that was a little ham-fisted and obvious in the dalek episode, but it was really well done in “Listen”.  though honestly, i’m not sure i approve of them making the doctor out to be so scared all of a sudden.

also, i think they wasted a really good idea for a villain.  i mean, seriously, the way Capaldi read that poem?!!  and the notion of unknown and unseen constant companions that we are only aware of subconsciously!  kind of like a combination of the silence and the Vashta Nerada!!!  i mean, that’s some weeping angels level shit right there!!!! thoughts?

ok but can someone explain to me why the lego movie had a hamfisted hetero romance when the entire plot was about celebrating nonconformity

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Is there a story for why some dragons are named what they are (other than Skittle/Magnum ancient words of power' thing). Like George. What is George. Titania certainly doesn't look all that titanic.

In George’s particular case, she was gifted unto the clan with that name already given, so the Steppe decided to honour her home clan by keeping the name. Titania and Oberon are just a hamfisted shakespeare reference haha they’re Fae and they’re named after the king and queen of fairies ha ha get it was named after an old Fae folktale figure, said to be a powerful queen.

There are no particular rules or themes to names among Steppedragons, but there are some common trends in name-picking. Flowers are common, as seen with Hyacinth, Asphodel, Thistle, etc. — the snapdragon flowers that bloom on the Steppe are highly important and respected, so flowers are generally seen as excellent things to be named after. Magnum is often the source for names for dragons that take on ancient words of power, but artefacts with traces of this lost language are few and incomplete, so many of hers are suspected to have some sort of similarity born of coming from the same source document. Thus, those names tend to be ones like Skittle, Creamsicle, Fanta, Biscotti… 

remember that time that emma felt out of touch with everyone in town and her parents and everything

and instead of the show doing something introspective and character building with her it was just like “oh that must mean literally! let’s solve it by sticking her in the past too!”

remember how emma was trying to find her home and where she belonged so she went on a two-episode journey where the name “henry” did not come up once

and instead of bonding with her parents and getting to know them or anything her love interest did all that and she just got sad for a second when her mom didn’t recognize her


#82, David Brin, "The Postman"

Title: The Postman
Year of Publication: 1985
Subgenre: Nuclear Post-Apocalyptic, war

The premise: In the tattered remnants of Oregon, a guy loots the body of a dead mailman and then decides to start delivering the mail.

My experience: It’s the eighties and we’re sick of being optimistic about the future. Now we’ve got proper post-apocalyptic futures with radiation, bandits, feudalism, and lots and lots of violence. The first half of the story was actually pretty fun—completely unlike the movie, which I stopped watching after the first half—but then it just devolves into a war story. Yawn.

If I had to pick just one word to describe Brin’s writing style, it would be “ham-fisted.” It feels like it was written by a 15-year-old boy for an audience of 12-year-old boys. Stop telling me that the main character is a wuss! I KNOW he’s a wuss and I’m already annoyed about it. Like half the book was him whining about his incredible guilt over conning people into thinking he was a mailman… all the while he was actually delivering the mail. Yeah, he was lying about being a United States postman, but that’s a minor detail. He could have left it out and people would still have liked him because he was providing the invaluable service of communication. But whatever, feel guilty about it. Feel guilty about it for 300 pages. Then become the most amazing army guy in Oregon for some reason. That’s cool.

You would like this book if: You are a 15-year-old bookish boy who desperately wants to be popular

i don’t actually have a problem with the idea of danganoffstuck like yehaw crossovers are fun i fucking love crossovers more than like anyone ever

i just have a problem with like, the logistics of it? like triple crossovers are a dangerous slope and things like superwholock and rise of the brave tangled dragons (which is p cool despite the shitty name) like it functions mostly but that’s because at least these things are all in relatively the same kind of setting mostly

but like danganstuck? yeah that’s p cool both ways around woah! offstuck sure why not 

but danganoffstuck i have no fucking clue how that would work and is anyone could find some way to make it make sense and still keep the characters well and have the good core elements of all the things then i’d probably have less of a problem with it?


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Night Committee (by hamfisted)

Night Committee at Broken City, Calgary, Ab.

i know “comic books!” but in the future’s end issue for batgirl - where we finally get cassandra cain, but only in an alternate timeline - barbara ends up under the tutelage of bane and gains like OVER A HUNDRED POUNDS of muscle in the course of like a year and even some HEIGHT but apparently never took venom to achieve all this

did she, like, eat 80 fucking buckets of protein powder

protein powder which made her taller

(also oh my god the origin for her deciding to go all bane was so fucking hamfisted and ridiculous)