Pushing the Boundaries of Burger Edibility with @fatandfuriousburger

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French graphic designers Thomas and Quentin swear their @fatandfuriousburger creations are edible, despite their over the top, made-to-be-photographed nature.

What started as an exercise in collaborative lunchtime cooking “soon became a ritual,” says the duo. The ingredients they use are as varied as gold leaf, whipped cream and salmon, drawing inspiration from newspaper headlines, film and everyday life. But how do they taste?

“Sometimes it’s a great surprise,” they say, “but sometimes it’s kind of a failure.”

The Six Scallion Dollar Man Burger
Season 5, Episode 15: Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting

 A ginger stuffed beef burger on a bed of steamed bok-choy and slathered in tamari soaked scallions.

This Asian inspired burger is definitely one to turn heads.  I mean how often do you have bok choy on a burger? How often do you even eat bok choy. Okay admit it - you have no idea what bok choy is… It’s okay, neither did the guy at the grocery store. (it’s a kind of cabbage that looks like the pale love child of celery and kale)

Nothing says Asian-inspired like soy sauce and ginger, so mix those together and let some green onions soak. Dump that over your gingery burger and wham! It’s like your mouth just flew to Southeast Asia. Recipe below!

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