I can’t even…I just. Can’t. Even. This is a me plushie. This is a plushie. Of me. This is my pony. As a plushie. Oh my god. My friends had it made for me for my birthday. And I’m shaking. And on the verge of tears. This is awesome.


Day 2: We woke up, packed our tiny tent, and hit up Cracker Barrel for breakfast. We then drove to Cleveland for the day! We spent the day at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and had a great time. We proceeded to make our way to Melt Bar and Grilled, which was AMAZING!!! After eating, we made our way to Peabody’s for the first show of the tour. Had a great time, and saw a couple of amazing opening bands, Glow Pop Jiggly Jam, and Honest Abe And The Rail Splitters (HAATRS for short). After the show we drove 4 hours to Covington, KY for the hotel.


Day 3: We woke up after a short sleep on the 17th floor of a fancy hotel with a balcony overlooking Kentucky. We packed up, and made our way back into Ohio to meet up with a couple of friends of mine. The four of us went to Ihop for breakfast before parting ways, and we continued forth towards St. Louis.

In Illinois, we passed signs for the world’s largest windchime, and world’s largest golf tee. We’ll be making plans to go back to see those. When we got to St. Louis, we found ourselves on the gayest street I had ever seen. One building seriously had 15 gay pride flags on it (seriously, count them!), and there were like four more gay bars across the street. It was fabulous. 

At the venue, we met up with a Tumblr friend of ours, Katiejeanisnotmylover. We had a blast. During Cheer Up Emo Kid, Joe, being the idiot that he his, took a conga line through a construction zone. I tripped and fell over a stack of lumber. Afterwards, we went back to Illinois, and ate at a Steak ‘n Shake that was conveniently located next to our hotel.


Alright… so the next set of days are all jam packed into one post because I didn’t really take too many pictures.

Day 4: Woke up and drove to Barrington. Lots of corn across Illinois. We got stuck in traffic, and were a little late. We ended up going five miles in one hour. At the venue, we met up with Katiejeanisnotmylover again, and also met up with my friends Professor Punsworth, and Tinker Tock. After yet another awesome show, we got back into the car and drove to Michigan, to spend the night at Punsworth’s house. 

Day 5: We woke up, and lounged around a bit, slowly getting our things back together. I stole a box of Cheez It’s from his kitchen, and they were delicious. We left about an hour later than we should have, but we still managed to make it to the venue in Pittsburgh at a decent enough time. After the show, we were hanging out watching Corey trying to sell CD’s to people as they left. He was being funny about it, so Rebecca started recording it, and managed to get video evidence of Corey selling 4 copies of Second Family to one person. We also made friends with two awesome dudes in the parking lot, DJ and Gage. It eventually had to come to an end, so we could drive back north to Erie for the next hotel.

Day 6: I think this was the shortest leg of the trip. We drove from Erie to Newton Falls, checked in at the campsite that was an hour and a half away, and drove about 10 minutes to the community center which was hosting Beardstock. After we got our wristbands, we searched for food. We went to a Taco Bell that was 15 minutes away, and ended up driving through the Center of the World. After we ate, we went back to Beardstock, and just barely missed Glow Pop Jiggly Jams set. It would’ve been great to see them play again, but we still managed to catch a ton of other great bands, including Michael McFarland, Two Days Until Tomorrow, Goodnight Wednesday, Saints for Sailors, Freshman 15, Trap House Rave, and many others. After the show, we hung around outside with Patent Pending, took some awesome pictures with them to commemorate the trip, and said our goodbyes. It had been an amazing week, but we were still extremely sad that it had to end.


Halospon joined me on a trip to VT. He wanted to drive, but I managed to convince him otherwise. When we got to Winooski, we helped my friend move out of his dorm to an apartment down the road. Then we celebrated my friend’s birthday with a balloon and cookies. Later on we ended up in a recording studio, and due to circumstance, their drummer couldn’t stay. Halospon helped lay down the drums and mix it together.


Hey everyone! Just wanted to give a shout out to my friend Ika who makes amazingly wonderful stuff! She makes bookmarks, stickers, buttons, magnets, wristbands and she even custom paints blind bag figures! She does really awesome work. This is some of the stuff that I have from her. It’s all really awesome! Check out her website here: www.calgarycmcreations.com


Day 1: Part 2 After Niagara Falls, we made our way to Erie, PA where we had plans to camp that night. This turned out to be one of the BIGGEST surprises the entire trip. As we were driving down the road towards the campsite, we spot a rollercoaster that went OVER THE ROAD!! Neither of us knew that there was an amusement park here. It was literally 5 minutes of walking from our tent to the park. So we went to get our tent set up before going to the unexpected park, AND OUR TENT WAS RIGHT ON THE BEACH ON LAKE ERIE! It was amazing.