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343 hinting that the Sharquoi/Drinol will appear in future Halo media is very exciting!

For those who don’t know, the Sharquoi (also named the Drinol - the former is its Covenant name, the latter is its human equivalent, like Sangheili/Elite) goes way back to Halo’s third-person days when Combat Evolved was in its earliest days. It ended up scrapped with plans for it to be in Halo 2, but when Halo 2 was plunged into the Ninth Circle of Development Hell it was gutted from the game again.

However, 343 has stated that “they still exist” canonically in the Halo universe, but they “cannot disclose specifics” to us.

A playlist of instrumental tracks that encompasses the Spartan-IIs of Blue Team - John-117, Kelly-087, Fred-104, Linda-058 - and their lives both on the battlefield and off. (Without using music from official ‘Halo’ soundtracks.)

01. Prelude - Pusher Music; 02. N.E.S.T. - Steve Jabonsky; 03. Tin Soldiers - Ed Harrison; 04. I/O Rain - Yoko Kanno; 05. Adrift And At Peace - Nine Inch Nails; 06. Take My Hand - Clint Mansell; 07. Suicide Mission - Jack Wall; 08. Taking A Stand - Henry Jackman; 09. Pentecost - Ramin Djawadi; 10. Physical Compatibility - Ramin Djawadi; 11. Miss You - Trentemøller; 12. Stay With Me - Clint Mansell; 13. Departure - Ed Harrison; 14. Rinzler - Daft Punk; 15. Exosuit - Clinton Shorter; 16. You’re A Soldier Now - Steve Jablonsky; 17. To The Stars - Tyler Bates

"In the mourning for Cortana and seeking a purpose in life, Master Chief embarks on a journey to self-discovery that may lead to conflict with his allies at the UNSC.

Agent Locke solicits the Arbiter’s counsel in order to unravel Master Chief’s fate.

The enemies of humanity plot their next move from the shadows…”

Nothing we didn’t really know about Halo 5: Guardians’ story, but nice to see it further affirmed anyway.

It’s the latter statement that interests me - “the enemies of humanity plot their next move from the shadows”. This is something that remains both clear and unclear. We know that the Flood are returning to test humanity for the Mantle, but there’s not been a great deal of set-up for their return right now - Legends, the Forerunner Saga, and Escalation have made both minor and major hints (or just OUTRIGHT statements) regarding the inevitability of their return. I suspect we’ll have a clearer image once we’ve seen the Master Chief Collection’s bookend cutscenes and Nightfall, along with the Exposure arc of Escalation.

According to Bonnie Ross, we’ll be finding out more about the story of Halo 5: Guardians early next year. But we can expect plenty of hints from Halo 2 Anniversary’s Terminals, Nightfall, and upcoming issues of Escalation.

1 month and 2 days until Broken Circle, the next novel, releases as well!