Finsterlinge - Teaser

(Translation of the opening text)

“During sleep paralysis, the human body freezes for some time.

In this situation, hallucinations might occur.

This is not dangerous.


The teaser for my bachelor project, for those who are interested to see what I was doing the past few months. This work was done at the Zurich University of the Arts. I am not planning on releasing the game.

The music was composed by my friend Ricky Leroy Brown.

SELF-CONCEIT ••• Galatians 6:3
Any conceit of our own strength or goodness is a vain delusion‬, for we are nothing. Let no man compare his own with others’ work: this will only feed vanity‬; but let each scrutinise his own work. Then, if he find there ground for rejoicing, it will be in the ability that has been given by God’s grace‬
“The worst part of the fraud falls on his [/our] own head.” - Doddridge

I didn’t really know much about the group Amarante but as I began to listen to their new track Into The Dark and I kind of fell in love with it, then I discovered something which made me love it more. Amarante is a band which features my favourite youtubers Cryaotic (never knew he could sing!) and this type of music is always something I love. It feels like it belongs in a fantasy film based in a whole new world and I just cannot get enough of it. The groups new album Enchanting The Siren is out now - Jakk