Halloween Meme »»»T.V Show Episodes (1/2Spongebob Squarepants “The Graveyard Shift/The Hash Slinging Slasher” 

There are three signs that signal the approach of the Hash-Slinging Slasher… First, the lights will flicker on and off…….. next, the phone with ring and there will be nobody there……And finally, the Hash-Slinging Slasher arrives in the ghost of the bus that ran him over. Then, he exists the bus and crosses the streets without looking both ways because he’s already dead!


Halloween meme » [2] tv specials: Halloweentown Series


Halloween meme » [3] characters I’d like to dress up as: frank the bunny rabbit


Halloween meme » [3] characters I’d like to dress up as: zombie boy!Tate


Halloween meme » fanmix: this is basically a follow-up to this Halloween fanmix I posted 2 years ago that reflects the same kind of dark, eerie atmosphere. (mainly consists of instrumental pieces)

Tracklist: Forest Lullaby - Nox Arcana, Aha! - Imogen Heap, In The House, In A Heartbeat - John Murphy, Nighty Night - Louise Dowd, La Petite Fille de la Mer - Vangelis, One Magical Night - Mark Mothersbaugh, Anyone’s Ghost - Silver Swans, Particles of the Universe (Heartbeats) - Benh Zeitlin & Dan Romer, Mermaids - Hans Zimmer, Apply - Glasser, Alessa’s Harmony - Akira Yamaoka, Escape - Philip Glass, Wandering Ghosts - James S. Levine, Doll House - Iwasaki Taku, Bernadette - IAMX, Pendulum - Yasuharu Takanashi, Lighthouse Music - Hans Zimmer, Lose Your Soul (Thomas Bjerring Remix) - Dead Man’s Bones, Alchemy - Johnny Hollow, Death Is The Road To Awe - Clint Mansell, Quiet Slumber - Shadow6Nothing9

ListenDownload. (zip file. 21 tracks. MP3 format. 87mb)

Halloween meme » [3] favorite creatures: grim reaper