Still have so much to do before my boyfriend comes to get me for this party tonight. Which is only like two hours away…. Yes you are probably so sick of this pumpkin sweater but I swear this is the last outfit I will do with it for awhile. I wanted to wear something comfy since we are probably going to be out late and I dont think I will be coming home tonight so most likely sleeping in my clothes. But I like that all the outfits I’ve done with the pumpkin sweater have all been different and you can tell that when you look at them.

Witch hat: Party City

Rose headband: Handmade

Spiked collar: AngelCustomLeather on Ebay

Amethyst point with Quartz ball: Rainbow Zen (I really love this necklace because it reminds me of a little wand) 

Suspender skirt, spiked knee high socks: OASAP

Pumpkin sweater, Pumpkin tights, knee boots: Presents