Hey Smart girls, have you heard about Mary Hallock-Greenewalt? She was an inventor and musician and invented a color organ in the 1920s. General Electric also stole her theatrical light show invention, but she sued and while the first judge didn’t believe a woman could invent such a complex device, she won on appeal.
Her color organ was really ahead of its time, as were most of her inventions.
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Photographer Patti Hallock - Patti’s photographic work has focused on expressing loneliness and isolation and the ways in which we experience those feelings within or because of our environment. She is currently examining the myth of the American West and its many faces through the landscape. Patti teaches photography at the University of Colorado at Denver. Her work is represented by Plus Gallery in Denver, Colorado.

One of the results of the Toms River fight against booze in the local option election last May showed itself on Monday of this week when George W. Hallock, owner and editor of the New Jersey Tribune of Toms River, appeared in court before Judge Frank Davis of Gloucester county to answer to an indictment for criminal libel against Judge Wm. Howard Jefrey of the Ocean County Courts
—  New Jersey Courier 20 Sep 1918
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The Chair 
Hallock Hill
The Union 

(via Hallock Hill - The Union released today)

The second release in our lathe cut edition by Hallock Hill. Two gorgeous tracks by the New York state based acoustic guitarist building on our recent 2LP ‘The Union | A Hem of Evening’.

The 7” lathe is cut by Peter King in New Zealand, who is using a polycarbonate plastic stronger than vinyl which can exceed 1000 plays without deterioration so not like the lathes of old.

Cut in a run of 40, and now only available digitally from http://mie.limitedrun.com/products/508857

Fire chief en route to fire call rear-ends car

CLAY, N.Y. — Several people were injured Tuesday when a fire chief responding to a fire alarm at a mall rear-ended a vehicle.

Syracuse.com reported that Moyers Corner (N.Y) Batt. Chief Michael Brown, 39, was driving with his emergency lights and sirens on en route to a fire alarm at Macy’s in the Great Northern Mall.

Chief Brown’s car rear-ended a Toyota, driven by 17-year-old Tyler Hallock, sending both vehicles into a ditch on the side of the road, according to the report.

Hallock and his passenger, Halie Rawlins, 17, complained of back pain after the crash. Hallock’s backseat passenger, Anthony Austin, 17, suffered head and back injuries, according to the report. Chief Brown suffered numerous scrapes and bruises.

None of the injuries suffered were considered life-threatening. Brown and the occupants of the Toyota were taken by ambulance to area hospitals, according to the report.

The sheriff’s office said no tickets have been issued yet, but that it is continuing to investigate.