Norwegian hallingdans   


The Halling (hallingdansen) is a folk dance (bygdedans) traditionally performed in rural Norway, although versions of the halling can also be found in parts of Sweden. It is the most ancient documented dance of North Europe.

The dance is traditionally performed by young men at weddings and parties. The halling is a quick (95-106 bpm) dance in 6/8 or 2/4 that includes acrobatic, athletic competition between the dancers. Hallingdans can best be described as rhythmic acrobatic dance and consists of a number of steps which requires both strength and softness elation.

Hallgrim Hansegård (Frikar) demonstrating the Halling during the annual Peer Gynt Festival at Lake Gålå

The meter of the dance is 2/4 or 6/8 of a quite fast (95-106 bpm), sharp quality which calls for an experienced musician. The musician has to give the dancers enough impetus to perform the various challenging moves that are involved in the dance such as the nakkespretten (neck jump), kruking (hooked dancing), hodestift (going over the head) and especially the kast (throw). The most known move from hallingdans worldwide is probaily the headspin. Dancers like Olav Thorshaug performed hallingdans 200 times in The United States of America around 1910-1920 including headspin in his dance. Later the break dance has made this move known to the whole world.

There is some sources, mainly from Gudbrandsdalen, who document that certain moves from the dance (especially the throwing), were used in man-to-man combat. Sources tell of a man from the area who used his agility to kick down two opponents in a skirmish. Thus, his ability to reach the hat came in handy.


Meanwhile in Norway…

Hallgrim Hansegård - Three times norwegian champion in Hallingdans

Imagine Elsa and Anna having to take dance lessons and learning traditional Norwegian dances, and Anna dragging Kristoff along and the three of them learning reluctantly together and they would joke and not take it seriously, annoying their instructors.

Imagine Kristoff learning to like the hallingdans, and always have Anna hold the pole with the hat on it for him.

Imagine Anna liking the polkas, cause they’re bouncy and fun and would always dance with Kristoff.

Imagine Elsa liking the springars, cause they can be playful but also elegant.


Here’s a traditional norwegian dance called ‘Hallingdans’. 

It’s kinda cool I think :D




For the first time in my life, I realised that the Norwegian folk dance “Halling” reminds me incredibly much of break dancing xD 

They’re basically explaining how they used ‘halling’ to develope Age of Conan. 


Norwegian dance will never not be amazing to me. Fact.