2013 Golden Globe Superhero Awards

Also In Attendance: The Batman With Nipples, Dr. Chase Meridian, Invisible Woman, War Machine, Sabretooth, Two-Face, Elektro, Mr. Freeze, Colonel Chester Philips, Aunt May, Chudnofsky

I’ve noticed that a surprisingly large amount of people believe there have been zero superhero movies starring female or POC Marvel/DC characters ever. I’ve heard people say that literally all DC has done in the past 40 years is make Superman and Batman movies. So in the interest of stopping the spread of misinformation, here are 3 movies with female leads, and 5 of these 7 movies have black leads. Blade helped to set the stage for all the good Marvel comic film adaptations we have now, being Marvel’s first extremely successful film.

These are older movies and may not hold a candle to newer films like the Avengers, but they’re still something. Don’t erase their existence and the actors/actresses that played these characters. It was real representation. And I’m not saying the fact that these 7 movies exist is a good excuse for there to have been no movies with a female or POC lead in the past 9 years, because it’s not. But just be aware of what we do have now.


You all remember that awful Catwoman movie? I mean the film which bastardized this interesting, lovely character before the Nolans and Hathaway did it, only on a larger scale?

Well, there actually is a comic book version of that 2004 monstrosity and, believe it or not, it’s even worse than the movie! Guess who did the cover? None other than Jim Lee. I know, I was just as surprised!
And if you make it through those 48 pages filled with stupidity, weird dialogues, and barely passable artwork (lots of awkward poses and the characters rarely look like the real actors), you’re treated with a few of Lee’s sketches he did of Halle Berry shooting the movie, plus a story of how they hired him and what great work Berry was doing in Lee’s eyes.
We all know how that turned out in the end…

Although the “costume” is possibly the worst Catwoman outfit ever, you can’t deny the quality of these sketches.

Living by herself, Patience Phillips works in the art department for an agency which produces beauty products such as a skin care cream. Her boss George Hedare invited her into his office, where he told her he isn’t pleased with her recent work. While delivering a new design to him, Phillips overheard a plot to sell the beauty product, despite it being defective. When the skin cream was used over a long time, it kept the skin looking healthy and youthful. However, if the user stopped using it, his/her face will start to deteriorate and become seriously damaged. She accidentally knocked a piece of equipment and was spotted. In her attempt to flee, she ran into a set of water conduits. Laurel Hedare ordered security to flush the pipes, knowing well Phillips was in there. The pipes were flooded by water and Phillips was knocked into the surrounding water, where she eventually drowned. After being murdered, her body washed up on the banks of the city. The cat that had been following her over the last few days started to call for other cats and breathed a strange mist over Phillips’s face, and she was reborn as Catwoman, a warrior with the force of a cat, who prowls the night in search of justice. After exacting her revenge, Phillips continued to stalk the night with her persona as an anti-heroine.

Cat, by Greg Andrews.