So, I chose NOT to sleep, opened the cafe and finished this after my shift.  I’m delirious BEYOND belief.  But yay, here’s everyone.  I’m still trying to figure out Danny.  So bear with me on that.  Hope this gets everyone through till tomorrow. 

I LOVED all the band names that made it through the reblogs, but this is the one I had collided with in the process of sketching.  You guys should take whatever you’ve got and RUN AS FAR AS YOU CAN WITH IT.  I had a ton of fun.

How hard it is to separate a thing from how it looks! I’ve nearly given up thinking I can ever be vulnerable in an essay, not because I won’t risk it, but because I don’t know how I can. Writing is the easiest, most consequence-free way to bare the naked soul. It’s not your lover’s face. It’s not your mother. Vulnerable’s etymology ties to wounds and physical injury, so when I’m surrounded by my ideas and when I’m delivering them to a receptive audience it’s hard to feel the way Gary Gilmore did, hooded before a firing squad. That is, it’s wrong to feel this way. To publish opens the personal essayist to possible attack—attack from strangers (often anonymous)—but no real injury, and thus what might seem at first like attack is more like attention, and why publish other than to get attention, to show off what one’s amassed on the page, like so many shoes in a closet?

SWAPLOCK » a gender swapped au
starring: rebecca hall as sherlock holmes, rosamund pike as joanna watson, ben whishaw as ollie hooper, anna chancellor as morag holmes, dan stevens as martin morstan, matt bomer as ian adler, nicola walker as greta lestrade, judi dench as camilla magnussen, richard ayoade as sam donovan, darren criss as jason hawkins and lana parilla as jane moriarty.