i wonder if my pets have like a proper language and when i try to speak back to them im just speaking jargon

like for example my cat always speaks to me when I come home and i meow back to her and she’ll meow again & even though i don’t think twice about it to her it’s probably a situation where it’s like

her, meowing: “im glad you’re home”

me, meowing back: “tax benefits”

her, meowing: “why do u always do this”

why the fuck do people always remind you that taco bell isn’t real mexican food like do you not think that i know that like do you think i go to taco bell because i think the 16 year old white guy behind the window just made me authentic mexican cuisine two minutes before i pulled to the second window no do you know why i go to taco bell it’s because it’s 1:30am and my life is terrible so i order a coke and five dorito loco tacos and shove them down my face in the parking lot

Life in bikini bottom seems so stress free…no rent..patrick lives in a rock he doesnt even work…is patrick a trust fund baby? does patrick have a sugar daddy? What is the cost of living in bikini bottom? Ive never even seen spongebob pay a bill all those years working he must got plenty cake

“Why do you watch people play video games on YouTube, why don’t you just play the game yourself”

Almost 112 million people are currently sitting on their asses watching a bunch of dudes play a sport instead of just playing the sport themselves

remember that bizarre trend in like 2010/2011 where girls would get those RealD 3D glasses from movies and punch out the dark lenses and just kind of wear them as a fashion statement? or maybe that was just a thing that was isolated to my high school. I sorta hope it was

finally, i can have a deviantart signature on tumblr. the future is now


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