Free Ride, Whee Ride, Spree Ride, Glee Ride

Free Ride, Whee Ride, Spree Ride, Glee Ride

The latest issue of The Baum Bugle has an article by David Maxine about Eloise Jarvis McGraw’s writing process for Merry Go Round in Oz, one of the most tightly plotted books in the Oz series. Indeed, it’s so well plotted that it’s kind of surprising there’s a loose end involving the very beginning of the story. At a carnival, Robin Brown encounters a strange carousel barker who talks in rhymes.…

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♛'the one who is most exalted'.


This is her final memory, so to speak. Standing over the precipice of a rocky crag, a ledge so to speak. Arrows are aimed at her back, countless bowmen behind. Near her left, though she does not move her head, are the King of Plegia and Aversa. 

She watches her little brother engage the enemy in a conflict she has no desire to see from her high vantage point. Her legs feel numb from the time spent standing above, where below the ground is impossibly far. Blood continues to be shed, and Emmeryn can do nothing but watch.

( For now. )

Images flash to a distant figure in her mind, a child’s mind, a child’s eyes —watching a man in armor lay siege to the very country below them, fighting with a rage that spoke of decades in the making. A cruelty that had bled the halidom dry and for what? Orphaned children, a mother gone too soon? A hatred inborn in the people for the royal family that took years to mend? This was the true face of war — no glory, only ugliness. 

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ask-lord-and-tactician-famliy said:

this was a wonderful day for Robin - or rather Grima she chuckled "I am so glad you came to your seances darling, it would have been such a pain to have had to kill you, but now you will stay by my side for eternity~" red eyes glowed as she spoke walking up to the man as she seen him, lightly brushing the palm of her hand over his cheek in a fairly condescending way

This situation was…Foreign, to the lord. He hadn’t known quite what to expect when he’d betrayed Ylisse. Someone to stop him from even stepping out of the Halidom? To be regarded with suspicion? Or the most likely: to lose his life the moment Falchion was surrendered.

To be welcomed with open arms however?  Surprising, albeit the most fortunate outcome.

Chrom stiffened at Grima’s touch, and mentally cursed himself for it; he was no longer the dragon’s enemy…No longer his precious one’s enemy…
"I am your’s."

To Be King | Robin & Ephraim

Robin was pacing back and forth. His footsteps sounded off against the floor. It echoed in a weird way that he wasn’t use to. Even after living in the castle for several months learning all he could about Plegia, it was still almost surreal. Returning to the country after returning Robin hadn’t known what to expect. He was a Plegian but the kingdom didn’t seem like his. His memories of the place were fuzzy. His mother took him away when he was very young and during his time with amnesia Ylisse’s halidom was the place he spent the most time.

So when the ruler of Plegia found the tactician he was all too quick to hand over ruling to the younger man. Robin was confused and uncertain about ruling a country. Chrom had shown his support. After all with Robin on the throne it meant Ylisse and Plegia could be allies now. That was good and all but Robin didn’t know the first thing about being a King.

Now here he was still unsure about this all. His family and friends were supportive but nothing seemed to lessen the knot that was in his stomach. He heard a knock at his bedroom door and tried to calm himself.

"Yes? Who is it?" It was most likely Tiki or Morgana, maybe Chrom. But neither of his family would knock. Who else would stop by?

anonymous said:

Lady Robin, youre expecting another child? A new prince or princess?!


  "Erm, yes. Were you not present for the announcement..? I was under the impression that the entirety of the halidom was there when Chrom and I announced it…”


       "I can’t get out…?" 

         What’s that, prince charming? You have a halidom you need to be in charge of?
         Say goodbye to your princely duties, whether you like it or not: because you’re 
         in for the ride of your life. There will be no damsels in distress here, that much 
         is crystal clear. Only yourself.

        “That can’t be. I need to get out.” 

         It doesn’t seem like he’s yet convinced of his own situation. Heck, he wasn’t 
         exactly dressed for the occasion of wandering around in some amusement park, 
         either! Just what had he done to land himself in such a bizarre place? Perhaps 
         it was Naga testing his capabilities? But why now, of all times? Ylisse was in 
         times of war: Chrom couldn’t afford to be away from his country not a minute 
         longer. And yet, here he was— completely helpless and stranded. 

         He sighs. Frustrated, one hand grips the hilt of Falchion tightly. But what will 
         drawing his weapon in an unfamiliar land do for him? He will only be seen as
         hazardous by the natives… or worse, the enemy. Chrom thinks twice before 
         leaving the fabled sword in its sheath. “Calm down,” he breathes out, “Don’t
         panic. A leader must never rest, never surrender, and most of all, never stop
         learning. Right. This is all just a learning experience.”

         But even with his own self-assurance, every quiet minute eventually turns into
         an hour of self-doubt. Chrom can’t help but worry about his friends and family.

         Were they all safe? Alive, even? Was he alive? 

         Armor clinks heavily with each step, and eventually, he stops to stare up into
         the sky, silent as ever. No response, huh?

        “So be it.” There was only one way to find out. With determination re-instilled 
         into himself, Chrom bravely ventures forth into the unknown to search for the
         answers to his questions. 

My name is Robin [Open]

Ylissitol, current era is unknown.

A cold night had fallen upon the capital of the Halidom, pressing much of the populace inside their homes and taverns whilst the open air stalls of the markets were dutifully guarded by grumpy soldiers; it was an image of peace like any other, a sight for sore eyes for a country at war no doubt, thankfully knaves and thieves chose to lay low enough for the pocket of patrols to project enough security for much of the taverns and inhabitants to keep themselves up throughout the night without fear of repercussion – Ylissitol was at peace, whether that was a sweet lie or the actual truth – Robin preferred to keep the illusion alive after a hard trek through the Outrealm.


Something of a longing sigh escaped the young woman; one of the few good things about the Outrealm was the wealth of its bandits and marauders. After defending oneself gold bullions were more, more than enough to rent a room inside the closest tavern of the castle and enjoy some fine entertainment amidst the easily intimidated nobles who had already given this strange fellow a wide berth; a good warm soup and a half drunk bottle of wine were as much celebration as any for this traveller, even if there wasn’t any army at her back Robin could at least acknowledge a day well spent on her lonesome!     

‘’So, you call yourself Robin?’’

The innkeeper had a natural grave voice with a strong body and an even stronger beard, a kind of man that could pass as fatherly or monstrous on occasion he gave the half-drunk a careful glance that didn’t escape the would-be tactician vigilance, she nodded softly, having finished her meal and throwing back her hair behind her neck.

‘’Yep, Yep, I’m afraid I don’t have much to tell beside that’’

A bold faced lie; for a moment she stared at the hungry fire in the room, wondering if she could earn her place as some kind of storyteller despite being in the twenties.

‘’Well if you want I could give you some rundown’’

‘’No thank, I know all I need’’  

Again she refused, lying once more; robin had no idea about the current, true state of Ylisse in this exit of the Outrealm and as far as she was concerned, that was a fine thing to do; Tacticians ought to be paranoid and absorb as much knowledge as they can but she doesn’t have any army at her back anymore, the best way to start anew would be to try and forget about that entire mess.

‘’I’ll just… enjoy the hospitality my money bought me, sire’’

‘’I can let you keep your room for a day or two, on the house’’


His generosity stung, thus Robin hid her expression with another swig of the bottle, she knew very well she was as lightweight as a kid with the stuff so carefully tried to manage the intake, still she already felt half convinced of being drunk already.

Ylissean are good people…

Part of her felt like trying her luck to walk into the area of the Exalt castle, the mere fact of standing in the capitol was enough to engulf the woman in poisonous nostalgia, but instead she choose the bitter wisdom of staying put, she could only hope the name ‘’robin’’ wasn’t too important to cause some late night response from the castle – it’d evidently be much more reasonable if she were to use another name – but Robin had her pride, she was no criminal in Ylisse, never had been; it wouldn’t do any harm to be honest in travels, right?

Don’t know if I believe that…

Perhaps, perhaps not; the night wasn’t so young anymore. Who’s to tell how the final act would turn out?


For a Favorite Teacher headcanon.


Emmeryn naturally had a lot of tutors as did both her siblings. While she had a fondness for learning of Ylisse’s history, it also brought up unpleasant memories of the constant burden and sadness of her late Father, who had been in many senses of the word, a tyrant and war-mongerer that reduced her halidom to ruins. So while history was necessary to learn how to correct it, it wasn’t her favorite. 

One of her favorites actually was learning magic. Emmeryn had decided early on that she wished to learn magic that would not be like the mages that came on the front lines. She would focus her tomes on healing magic and that was what she did with her teachers. The only thing they taught her out of necessity was offensive tomes, but only then for ‘absolute necessity’ as Emmeryn stated. 

Although, instead of directly healing the wounds of soldiers that came home first — she often had her hands full healing scrapes and bruises on her siblings. She was forever grateful to the mages who took the time to teach her such things, as it was a useful tool when her people came home from the war, as per her order. 

the-king-of-the-wind said:

Your Emmeryn is beautiful. My knowledge of her character is limited since I don't know her canon but from what I have seen and what I've heard of her I think that you play her spectacularly. You give her a warmth and a kindness under which she carries the wisdom and the burden that she carries for her halidom. You bring her to life with your words and your threads in a way that is truly inspirational.


Oh goodness, this really means a lot to me. Emmeryn is a new muse and we don’t unfortunately have the most information as she is very limited. So there’s a lot I feel I kind of have to go by from what’s implied? And that makes it a little hard but other than that I really enjoy expanding on what we don’t see! Or imagining what I think there is beneath that High Queen/She is the King Trope. And y ou pretty much summed her up perfectly Kat, now you just need to play the game and cry. B) Thank you!


"Welcome, traveler, to the halidom of Ylisse.
I am Emmeryn, it’s current Exalt.
Is there something you wish of me? 
You must have traveled far. If there is a way
to be of aid to you I will gladly pursue it. ”
By his clothing she could wager he might
be of Feroxi descent but it was too premature to say.