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But chipmunks are so adorable!!

Yeah, sure, until they drive you crazy by hiding in your bedroom and you keep hearing it chewing on who knows what all through my room and I can’t find it other than the split second I see it run across the room and I can’t even figure out it’s next hiding place and just ALKSDJFLAJSDLFJASDLJF I’m seriously going to lose it soon, I swear!

hapilicioushals said:

AAAHHHHHHH. I miss you D: Both you AND Lizard. So pottermore put you in the wrong house too? Same here... I AM NOT A PUFF. No. Just.. no.

LASKJDFLAKSDJF I BET I MISS YOU MORE THOUGH!! I’m trying to remember, did you move back to Georgia? Cause I think I remember seeing you at some church meeting a while ago but I’m not sure and then I remember seeing this one girl who reminded me of you a lot before that and I’m just confused. But nonetheless, I hope you’re doing AWESOME! I’m sure Beth misses you loads too:) Unfortunately I haven’t seen her in a couple weeks though, since we’ve both been busy and she’s actually been sick the last few days. But she told me she was getting better yesterday at least:) And yeah, it did at first, cause I kept getting nervous and angling my answers, but in the end I got Ravenclaw!! :D And if you’re not a Puff, what do you think you are? I’m curious:)

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chudl3ycann0ns: Felix, you are the best. Seriously, you are the best Ron ever. Of all the Ron RP’s I’ve come across, you are the one that makes the character feel truly real. You’re so open and friendly with all of your followers and are unbelievably perfect. I’m glad so glad that I came across your blog and it’s so weird to think that happened only just over a month ago! Best friends forever, yeah?

haliberrie: Hali, what can I say about you other than you’re my favorite first-year:) Even though you’re not in the Stake anymore and I’m not in Young Women or going to Girls’ Camp anymore, you’ll always be my first-year and I’ll always be your Kit-Kat:) Be sure to let me know the moment you move back if you do.

happilyintrouble: Ana, thank you so much for joining me in the snail mail letters between Harry and Hermione. While it lasted for the first few letters, I’m sorry Dobby and the stupid muggle postman seem to have stolen your last letter. But I hope we can continue on despite it. Although I hope to eventually get that lost letter. If I ever do get it, I’ll be sure to let you know:)

hermione-w: Charlotte, I’m glad that our Hermione’s have come across each other. It’s so much fun getting to know you and our characters through each other. And I can’t wait to continue talking with you and being your friend.

highlyillogicalron: You are (literally) the Ron to my Hermione. Thank you for being the first to join me on my journey through the amazing opportunity that is roleplaying Hermione. I would not be having the great time that I have been having exploring her character and I love our fights together. Thanks for being my friend and my enemy all in one:)

kim-possible-: Kalie, thank you for being one of the first few people that I knew and was friends with on here. If it weren’t for us talking on here, I would not have had such an amazing time at Senior Prom (or I might not have even gone!) and I wouldn’t have been able to see you again for the first time since 5th grade. I hope you’re doing well at college and I hope we get back to talking more often than we have lately.

marriedtomyfez: Nneka! I still can’t believe we’re practically neighbors! We definitely need to plan a meetup in the real world at some point. After all, we 16-year-old senior Georgians need to stick together, right? I hope your senior year is going well at that you have an amazing time before you leave school and join me in the real world next summer.

supersoniccierra: CIERRA! You are my twin. Forever. Seriously, I love you, girl. Thank you for being such an amazing twin and friend and for being the Ginny to my Hermione. I hope that Ginny and Hermione can write to each other again soon and I hope that we can go back to speaking on a regular basis again soon as well. Until then, though, enjoy your last year in school and remember that your twin is always here for you whenever you need her.