Exclusive Premiere // Black City Lights

New Zealand’s Black City Lights, premiere their new track “Tried So Hard” exclusively with The Work Magazine.

Listen HERE.

Be sure to check out their US debut live at The Satellite in Los Angeles when we present a showcase with Brooklyn label Stars & Letters on Thursday September 5th with Motion CNTRL, Seven Saturdays, and Halfbluud.

- Elizabeth

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The Satellite // Stars +Letters - Halfbluud - Seven Saturdays - Motion Cntrl // Thank You For A Great Time

Thank you everyone who came out last night and all the bands that played incredible sets. It was such a fun night! Every band complimented each other so well, we gazed away and left enchanted.

And we are pretty sure that man is standing next to a portrait of himself riding a horse.


Just a frame for a paper mache elephant…also we are playing @roughttradenyc tonight with @ignaciorivasbixio and @halfbluud - See you


Everyone loves a free show, right? It’s even better when the music is actually really great ( think Suicide mixed with a Shoe-Gaze love song on heart ache) and the band mates aren’t too bad to look at. Full package, guys.

This Tuesday, July 2nd, the Satellite presents Halfbluud. I think that this band will be one of those you’ll look back at and say how glad you were that you got a chance to see perform in such a tiny venue, cause that’s not going to last long.

9pm // Halfbluud // ThreeRainCats (TRC) // Marc Baker // Presented by Moheak Radio Karrie K will be playing tunes in between

Check out details here :


Halfbluud FaceBook Page:


-xo G

Salon last night @roughtradenyc. Very good rodeo. Love @halfbluud. Love @brooklyn. Love mothers love you. xx