This is my best friend Johnny Santiago and he leaves in a couple hours for basic!! I’m happy and sad at the same time but I know it’s for the best and he’s gonna go out there and make us proud!! He’ll come back as Rambo all ripped full of rage and shit lol.. I’m gonna miss the shit outta you bro I love ya dogg!!! Be safe and don’t give up bitch!! #BestFriend #BFFL #Rambo #Basic #Goodbye #MyNigga #HalfAMan #Lulz #LoveYa #Brotha #NutsItch #YouOweMeSushi

A friend was lamenting the fact that most “pretty” cross-stitch patterns were of women.  Challenge accepted: I figured Adrien was the perfect subject!  This is still a work-in-progress (it has yet to be coloured, and I still need to fit it to a cross-stitch grid), but I’ve enjoyed making it so far (of course… because the style allows for so much hair fun)!