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Kanto was at home and was super bored. He was already down with his homewark and his older sister, Sakka was with her boyfriend. He sighed but smiled. He got up and grabbed his phone, calling his best friend, Ari.

"Hello? Hey Ari, wanna come with me to the mall? My treat?"


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He yawned as the day begun again. It was another boring day at school. He opened his locker up and tossed some book into it and sighed, banging his head softy against the metal. “I’m so tired” he whispered. People began talking to him and telling him hi. But he just replied with noises and a hand wave.


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Valerie and Aaron - “Love Me or Leave Me” - Tap

Yay tap! I’m always happy to see tap on the show and I really liked this dance. I liked the back and fourth taping between Valerie and Aaron, especially in the middle when they were dancing to the scatting. I thought Valerie stood out in this dance and she didn’t let herself get intimidated or out danced by Aaron. (I actually think Valerie is a better tap dancer than Aaron…shhh…)

I never realized how weird it is to not see a tap dancers knees until I saw this dance. The dress does fit the feel of the dance though so I’m slowly getting over it. I thought this was a great song choice by Anthony. I really liked that they weren’t dancing to words all of the time and were dancing along to the sounds in the music and having a conversation with their feet.

Valerie is such a great tap dancer and I’m really happy she managed to make it all the way to top 4. This was one of my favorites this week.

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He was only trying to relax after a long day. The spook he had been dealing with was a ‘playful’ thing, and truly gave Dennis a run for his money. He needed to relax and to have some fun, and what better way?

He reclines on his bed, head back and letting out the occasional gentle grunt when suddenly the door opens. He grabs the sheets of the bed in a panic and covers himself, “Ari?! Wasn’t expecting you to visit today….”

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Jason grinned at Mao. "Hey, man! Can you believe Avatar Aang is going to be fighting the Fire Lord soon?" he asked him, jogging to catch up to the firebender.

"What?!" Mao asks and frowns a bit. "Shit…Mei had joined their group…" He instantly grew worried about his sister.


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This routine was wonderful. I love how old school and jazzy it is. I think Aaron has gotten even better since Season 10, he’s absolutely awesome when he taps. He and Valerie looked great together and had fantastic chemistry. I love Anthony’s choreography too, how it always feels like a conversation. Here is “Love Me or Leave Me” choreographed by Anthony Morigerato.

Valerie Solanas vs. Liberal Feminists

Ti-Grace Atkinson:

They tried to impeach me as president of NOW for going to [Valerie’s] aid at all. It’s sort of like a Rorschach test, Valerie was. Berry Friedan, before I became a threat to her, was once very supportive and confiding. I remember she was really in a fix once because she had a place on Fire Island with her husband and they had a big fight. She chased him down the beach with a carving knife screaming she was going to cut it off. Lots of people saw her and he was going to bring this up in divorce proceedings. She asked me what to do and I told her, “Well, there were witnesses, so what can you do? You’ve got to brazen it out and just say, ‘I’m a passionate woman. What do you want from me?’” I thought that was good advice. So when Betty flipped out at my assertion that there was a connection between violence and feminism, I thought of her chasing her husband down the beach with a carving knife. She’s telling me I’m crazy.

"Betty wanted nothing to do with Valerie’s case, writing to Ti-Grace, “I don’t like the politics of this,” and sending telegrams to Flo that read, for example,” DESIST IMMEDIATELY FROM LINKING NOW IN ANY WAY WITH VALERIE SOLANAS. MISS SOLANAS MOTIVES IN WARHOL CASE ENTIRELY IRRELEVANT TO NOW’S GOALS OF FULL EQUALITY FOR WOMEN IN TRULY EQUAL PARTNERSHIP WITH MEN.” Flo responded with “Valerie is superior to many of the people in NOW. She already says Simone de Beauvoir, Satre, and Genet are overrated windbags so you can imagine what she thinks of NOW. She’s worth all the NOW members put together.”

— Breanne Fahs, Valerie Solanas (2014)