haleyhorrorr asked:

This blog is probably my favorite blog. Thank you for having this blog, without you guys i wouldn't of had hope. I met the guy I love on Facebook, through my friends friend. The distance kills me sometimes, it really does. Everyone doubted him and made fun of me for trying. My friends and family thought it was just some silly online relationship. He lives in Canada and I'm stuck in Texas. But thank you, for giving me so much hope. c:

Aw thank you so much! Sigh, I know how that goes, really, I’ve learned so much from past ldrs about what not to tell people so I don’t get unnecessary negativity. It’s ridiculous that people in long distance relationships should have to hold back information from friends and family so we can avoid criticism. That’s a big part of why I made this blog (also as a surprise for my ldb’s birthday, but I thought of that later), so I’m glad you find it helpful. Stay strong, ignore negative feedback, and love who you love. Good luck. c: