This is Haley G. (First of all, look at how adorable her fidgety fingers are in these pics! And how great her before/after transformation is!!)

Haley is in Head Coach Jayci Cormier’s 6:15AM Tuesday/Thursday Women’s Only class that I assistant coach. Haley recently completed the I AM CrossFit Challenge on Coach Jess Estrada’s CrossFit Central Downtown Team.

Over the course of the 8-Week Challenge, Haley dropped 9.1% of her initial body fat percentage. She also went from DNF’ing the benchmark WOD to beating the cutoff in 11:48 on the Finale WOD at the beginner weight.

While these results are great and speak for themselves, it is her attitude in class that makes her one of my favorite athletes. Haley came back to CrossFit after having a baby, and has quietly made an impression on me. Haley rarely finishes workouts within the cutoff time, and she doesn’t always do them with the prescribed weights. But Haley never complains, usually writes her scores on the board, and always lifts close to the heaviest during strength sets. 

Haley listens to instruction and approaches tasks with quiet determination. She knows how to set herself up for a workout and goes with the flow of the class.

During the Open WOD 13.2 (push press, deadlift, box jumps), we set up most of our athletes to perform the WOD at a scaled weight, simply because they can’t clean 75lbs (yet) to get it into push press starting position. Haley started with 55lbs on the bar, and bumped it up to 65lbs after a few rounds. We then attempted to give her a go at 75lbs… she tried and tried again to clean the weight to her shoulders, but couldn’t get the timing down. While this struggle stalled her workout, she continued to fight and take as much coaching as she could to try to get it right.

I am incredibly grateful to have Haley in class and I am so proud of her success. She is one of those athletes who “gets it” and watching her progress is incredibly inspiring for a coach!

Congratulations on completing the I AM CrossFit Challenge, Haley, and thank you for being an integral part of the CrossFit Central Downtown Community!