when buying concert tickets a few months ago
  • Me:So can I go to this concert dad?
  • Dad:I suppose. Who's playing?
  • Me:Well Halestorm is gonna be there and I'm really excited
  • Dad:Oh, Halestorm! I know them.
  • Me:oh my god how the fuck does my dad know halestorm
  • Dad:Yeah, when I went to that concert with Eric, they played one of their songs while we were waiting. I really liked it.
  • Me:Well which one was it
  • Dad:I think it was called "I Get Off"
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:oh you sweet cinnamon roll, too pure for this world, you probably didn't even hear the lyrics
  • Me:*suddenly panicking because what if dad looks up the lyrics*
  • Me:That's good. Yeah. That's uh...really good.
  • Dad:Didn't like much of the rest of their stuff though, but that song was catchy.

Tonight Alive copied Paramore

We Are the in Crowd copied Paramore

Against the Current copied Paramore

Icon For Hire copied Paramore

PVRIS copied Paramore

Courage my Love copied Paramore

Halestorm copied Paramore

Crystalyne copied Paramore

Echosmith copied Paramore

Fit for Rivals copied Paramore

Love, Robot copied Paramore

The Pretty Reckless copied Paramore

New Years Day copied Paramore

Against Me! copied Paramore

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts copied Paramore. 

What do you mean some of these bands formed before Paramore and are a completely different genre? The vocalist is a woman, therefore they copied Paramore

Song Recommendations for the Signs

Aries: this one
Taurus: this one
Gemini: this one
Cancer: this one
Leo: this one
Virgo: this one
Libra: this one
Scorpio: this one
Sagittarius: this one
Capricorn: this one
Aquarius: this one
Pisces: this one