AU Sherlock Holmes

Eva Green as S. Holmes
Kelly Reilly as J. Watson
Natalie Dormer as J. Moriarty

1888, Jack the Ripper terrorizes the streets of London. Scotland Yard, desperate to catch the killer, reluctantly consults with the infamous detective, Sherlocke Holmes and her stalwart colleague, the pioneering doctor, Joanna Watson. Sherlocke delves into the underbelly of London, and her curiosity is ignited when she discovers that the Ripper may not be a serial killer at all, but merely the servant of a greater master. 

Everywhere Sherlocke turns, the name ‘Moriarty' whispers through the blood-soaked streets. She soon becomes embroiled in a cat-and-mouse game with the mysterious entity that is Moriarty, a game that may end up costing not only the soul of London itself, but also her own.    
[summary by Ari]



Check this oouuuuttt…

Here’s “Ugs, Fugs and Grossos”, 28 pages of ug-ass mugs, fug-ass fugs, and gross-ass grossos; and “Executioner and Friend”, dungeons, dragons, and dick jokes, each by Jimmy Giegerich.

"Heroical #1" is an 11" X 14" zine by David Plunkert chock full of weirdo super hero stuff, and playfully off-beat heros.

The very exciting “Fantasy Basketball” by Sam Bosma will be in the mix as well and it’s sure to be mind-blowingly good.

Alex Fine is debuting “Il Bruto”, a hilarious collection of Charles Bronson pin ups in classic action movie rolls.

"Warlow’s Guide to Wizards, Sorceri & Familiars Arcane" by yours truly will be there of course!

Two new comics from Haleigh Buck of Hey Boy Comics will be debuting as well: “Herman the Hot Dog” and “Internet Diarrhea”, sure to be goofy-as-hell, wildly inappropriate, and full of schadenfreude.

Last but not least, Kali Ciesemier will be selling some gorgeous prints of her work that are not to be missed!

That’s what we got for you guys! Come to tables M5-M8 to get your hands on it all! We’ll see you there, pals.