"Raizen and his friends when they were young."

- YYH fanart wish requested by my sis
(who has no tumblr so I can’t tag her lol)

Like Yusuke, Raizen has way too many friends for a lazy person like me to draw, so I picked the two I thought were the closest to him: Enki and Kokou. In my mind, they’re kind of like the equivalent of Kuwabara and Keiko to Yusuke … except for the fact that they have totally different personalities, of course. Like if Keiko were the one who always wanted to beat Yusuke in a fight. And then marries Kuwabara after Yusuke goes and falls in love with someone else lol - wait … did I just describe the dynamic in Flame of Rekka

It’s always interesting/kind of odd reverse-engineering a younger (or … forward-engineering an older?) design for a character. I kinda wish I put more thought into Kokou’s outfit :/

We debated over young Raizen’s hair - whether it should be dark or white, short or long. I’m still of two minds about it, but my sis wanted white and short, and it makes him look different enough while also kind of reminiscent of Yusuke, which I like.

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Santa Anon: I actually haven't plated Dragon Age yet, but I've got Origins waiting to be played after classes end! I'm also hoping to get 2.5 for christmas, I'm reallyyyyy excited for that! How is it? Is it just 2.5 or is it like 1.5 remix where they have other games in the disk as well? POKEMON IS MY LIFE. Seriously. I start more nuzlockes than I can handle. But I love it! I've not seen toradora nor angel beats, but I love FMA. Might need to rewatch Yu Yu Hakushou and Rurouni Kenshin.

I love Origins so much! It’s kinda old, but the story and characters are awesome! And yeah! 2.5 has Birth By Sleep and the videos for Coded as well. I haven’t actually watched Kenshin but I’ve been meaning to. My sister always tells me all about it, haha! I’ve never really wanted to start a nuzlocke because I could never ever finish one. I pretty much get a party at the start and keep with it the whole game. Or at least I try.