New Pokemon XY character details

Via Bulbanews.

The player’s hometown, Asame Town, is known as Vaniville Town in English. From here, the player and their four friends set off on their journey, starting with Santalune Forest.

Sana is known as Shauna in English. She is friendly, outgoing and energetic, and is looking to find her own dream. She is very interested in everything the player finds on his or her journey. She forces the player to pick a nickname early in the game.

Tieruno is known as Tierno in English. He is strong and kind, but easily distracted during battle because he tries to incorporate dance moves. He is a dancer who is light on his feet, and wants to create a dance team with his Pokémon.

Toroba is known as Trevor in English. He is a good and curious student, but he is very competitive and wants to be the first of the group to complete the Pokédex.

Serena or Calem (the opposite gendered player character) lives next door to the player in Vaniville Town. He or she sets off on a journey to become a powerful Pokémon Trainer.

Hakudan City is known as Santalune City in English, and is known for its large fountain and park benches. It contains the first Gym, led by Viola (whose name is the same as in Japanese). The Santalune City Gym’s interior is made from spiderweb-like threads over a dark pit; they serve as the Gym’s puzzle. Viola is a professional photographer, and will give the player advice when they battle.

Pansy is known as Alexa in English, and is Viola’s older sister. She works as a journalist for a publishing house in Lumiose City.

Quite a cast of characters, especially the chubby dancer. I want to get my hand on that Vanillite shirt.


A new trailer has been released showing Viola and her gym!