There is literally no excuse as to why you, your friends, and your family are not watching Gegege no Kitarou.
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, + Hakaba)

Welp, made some decent progress today - finished lining and got halfway through painting.

Have I mentioned how much I hate painting shirts?  They always look so plain and flat.  Look how nice the scarf around his waist is, in comparison!  Blarghraughraughh!  Also, fuck arms and hands.  Mostly hands, but also arms.  Tried some slight foreshortening but noooo - I can’t do it.  Too out of shape.  :(

Anyway, this was prompted by that one text post that said “imagine the most stoic person you know tripping down some stairs” and so I used Ha.  He’s not really stoic, and the expression of surprise is kind of boring (stoic people = boring expressions?) but maybe I’ll do some expression practice later.  Gotta get back into the drawing groove since there’s only 12 days of school left.  ; u ;  Yayy!  Art, I missed thee! (And I’m sorry you look like shit because I’ve neglected my ‘skills’ for so long.)