I promise to stop bombarding with photos soon. There don’t seem to be enough words to describe what this trip has done to me, even with the thousand that each picture provides. The spirit of this country is palpable. There has been hate, love, joy and pain. I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything more beautiful then standing on the mountainside atop a 6 foot high heap of trash completely covered in dirt and rubble, overlooking the Haitian hills listening to the communities bustling below. #haitilludpt14

Just received a special gift from my new special friend. Lil Miya Lohman is almost 8, and drew this especially for me after Dr. Lohman told her how much it inspired me. It represents how we, as PTs do so much “hands on” work, and we should always strive to fill those hands with love. Our love and the love of God, to spread healing to every single person, place and thing we touch. My ❀ melted. #haitilludpt14 #ptschool