BREAKING NEWS- United Nations Peacekeeper Soldiers Fire on Protestors in Haiti

BREAKING NEWS- United Nations Peacekeeper Soldiers Fire on Protestors in Haiti

Haitian police and UN peacekeepers have attacked protesters with live ammo and chemical agents as several thousand opposition supporters tried to march on the presidential palace, demanding new leadership.

Haiti has seen many anti-government protests in recent months calling for President Michael Martelly to step down, amid a growing anger over the high levels of government corruption. Elections…

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Haiti Through the Lens of Haitians with @tatianamoraliautaud

On December 5, 1492, Christopher Columbus first landed on what is today the island nation of Haiti. To see more of modern-day Haiti’s vibrancy through the lens of Haitians, follow @tatianamoraliautaud and @fotokonbit.

“I had always planned to move back, but after the 2010 earthquake it was too difficult to stay away,” says Tatiana Liautaud (@tatianamoraliautaud), who left Haiti for northern California in her late teens. “Haiti is my home.”

During the week, Tatiana is an educational project director and professional photographer. On the weekends, she dedicates her time to FotoKonbit (@fotokonbit), a nonprofit she co-founded that teaches photography to Haitian youth and adults.

“Haiti is a country with incredible artistic talent,” Tatiana explains. “From master painters to the person painting the lettering on a sign, I think there is a talent for the visual arts.” Helping Haitians find a voice to tell their own stories and those of their neighbors is what motivates Tatiana. “Watching students understand and express things about themselves and their communities through photography is something I really love.”

In the wake of a 7.0 earthquake that devastated Haiti, a small Air Force team flew in and quickly created a makeshift control tower. Over 12 days, they orchestrated the largest single-runway operation in history so that aid could reach the people.

Feminism is not an empty phrase, but a reality. To be a feminist, one must have an ideal and be tormented by the need to help others. Feminism is, in short, the collective efforts of women for the betterment of women.
—  Haitian feminist Marie Theresa Poitevien, 1946 (Quoted from “La Voix des Femmes: Haitian Women’s Rights, National Politics, and Black Activism in Port-au-Prince and Montreal, 1934-1986,” Grace Sanders)

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Caption/Pix: by @commecoco : And let us not forget Abner Louima. Although he was not killed, he was beaten and sodomized by the hands of New York Police. #HaitianAmerican #Blacklivesmatter #Justiceforall pic via @huffingtonpost #Haiti #Lunionsuite #EricGarner #MichaelBrown #Protest

How BèlNègès Is Teaching Natural Hair Care And Self-Esteem To Millennials in Haiti

"As you kreyolicious cheries learned in a previous article on Kreyolicious, BèlNègès is an online community based in Haiti. It was founded by Christina “Krissy” Julme, a web entrepreneur who wanted to create a space where she and other girls based in Haiti could discuss self-love, beauty, natural hair care and wellness."


United Nations Peacekeeper Soldiers Fire on Protestors in Haiti


"The photo with kids jumping out of the boat is one of my favorites because it’s all about kids having fun. Not to mention it’s one of those rewarding moments when deciding to join in with the fun and having the right equipment made the image possible. I had been walking around the island on one of my daily photo safaris, and came across a beach where there was a huge beach party – music, food, two very loud, dueling DJ’s and lots of people dancing and having fun. When I saw these kids leaping off this boat, I just had to get some images of their joyful antics. From previous experience of photographing kids, I figured I’d get better photos if I joined in with the fun. So I dropped my gear on the beach and pulled out my waterproof, point & shoot Nikon and started showing them my “mad” diving skills, which prompted each of them to out-do the previous ones diving/jumping skills.” - Exploring Ayiti with Simon Russell

Which one is your favorite for the Holidays?
1. Cassava Pone
2. Sweet Bread
3. Black Cake
4. Sponge Cake

(SIDEBAR: I’m trini so this is what we call these things. You may call it other names on your island. So what’s your favorite?)
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"Forget love. Right then, I didn’t even like J"

"Within two months, J started pinching his siblings, and Conner was not only ashamed, but also afraid. "When he hurt them, it provoked an anger in me I didn’t know I had," she says. "I worried I’d lose it and spank him."

J went into a wild, screaming tantrum, unintentionally hitting Conner’s nose with the back of his head: “I was bleeding heavily, sitting on the rug, crying. My two little ones were hiding behind a chair, crying. And it hit me: This is a domestic violence situation; if their dad had done this, I would take our children somewhere safe.”

This whole article rubbed me the wrong way smh. A 5 year old accidentally hitting their adoptive mother is “domestic violence”?