pits are lookin fab. I keep getting asked what if I go out with a man and he doesn’t like it. or if he thinks it’s gross. or he tells me he prefers I shave. and if any of that happens, I’d go home and cast some spells so he never finds a woman and becomes a gorilla. #noshavenoshade #witchcraft

thanks eartheld for the inspiration/liberation

this took so much courage to post, I posted this one instagram and lost a few followers. I would like to state the meaning of this photo, I feel that girls should shave for themselves, not for a guy or another girl. It’s your body and you should be able to do what you want with it, and if you do not want to shave, than don’t. This whole thing doesn’t even just relate to women, but men too. Why should you be ashamed of your hair, are you ashamed of your eyelashes, or hair on your head? You have no reason to be, because it is natural. Society has portrayed an image that we all should be hairless babies, but WHO CARES, be as hair as you fucking want.