"I do not know much about Frank Somerville or his family, but what I can infer from the photo is that this little girl is being raised in an environment that affirms her natural beauty as acceptable."

-Amanda Starghill,


Part 2 of How To Make the Most Out of Your Natural Hair !

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You Should Know Your Hair Like The Back of Your Hand

Note the textures, growth rates, and sensitive areas on your head/scalp/hair !

Pay attention to everything! From where you get the most buildup to how often you go between getting trims, especially as your hair gets mad long.

This kind of knowledge steps up your “growth game”, putting you in better shape to keep your length, as well as making you more aware of natural and unnatural changes and their resultant effects on your hair (i.e. diet, stress, product use/abuse, shedding etc.)

You know your body better than anyone else. Your hair should be no different.


These Are The Facts

When I was relaxed:

  1. My hair was legitimately the same short length for four years. How depressing.
  2. My hair broke. 
  3. My hair was ridiculously thin.
  4. My hair was so stiff.
  5. I got scabs and ooze -__-. Freaking grossssss
  6. NO ONE said anything about my hair.

When I went natural:

  1. My hair grew six inches in a year. Grab a ruler.
  2. I shed hair. (THIS is normal)
  3. My hair grew thickkk. 
  4. My hair had curls. Springy, bouncy curls.
  5. My edges grew. 
  6. This hair was the occasional topic of conversation.

But I honestly don’t regret getting a perm. If it wasn’t for all that bad, I wouldn’t have any of the good. Live and learn.

Seriously. If I can do it, you can do it.



I thoroughly enjoyed this. Men will understand in time!


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