wearing weave, corn rows blah blah too much can cause alopecia traction…

I feel like preaching this to the girls in my year who wear super tight braid’s, weaves, super tight braids  and glue in shit. cba though

p.s aka your hair line going further and further back..

I hate that I have to wait four years before I can start doing what I love the most. I want to be a hairdresser and a stylist. Nothing else. I don’t want to waste four years going to school for a backup career. I just wish hairdressing wasn’t such a difficult field to survive in. It’s all based off of luck. You need to first, find a job, and then work your way up in that salon. You need to build a stable clientele and that can take years. I’m currently making almost as much money as my sister. I’m a cashier at a grocery store and she’s a hairdresser. That’s sad. Can Paul Mitchell just take me under his wing and then hand me off to Charlie le Mindu or something? Kthnxbai. <3


I was randomly looking for picture references to show to my hairdesser tomorrow and I found this pic, I think I took it back in June when my hair was freshly dyed and when I had eyelash extensions I should really go have them done some time again, they looked fab  Idk, I just find this pic so beautiful? Maybe it’s because half of my face is hidden, yeah that’s probably that.